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What's important to you. And we have Sharon that's the most important thing ever, their love more than survive. I love his just grown from that moment on stronger, and stronger father was backpacking in the Canadian Rockies that night and the next day. Heard what happened finally getting to sell surface. Dan, left me. We're okay. That was the longest two hours of my life. And on top of that this couple meta, the place, which no longer exists. The borderline. Bob real can't extend seventy radio six fifty ad KNX check of your money, your again prank Motech valley museum park, business booming worldwide attendance at ten of the biggest operators of amusement parks increased four percent last year and cross the half billion visitors Mark for the first time according to the report by the theme that are team association and the economics practice based e com global attendance at water parks increased by two and a half percent. And the top museums had relatively flat attendants last year. Turns out magic kingdom in Florida was the best attended park in the world with nearly twenty one million visitors last year followed by Disneyland here in Orange County with nearly nineteen million visitors. Looks like a Sea World also making a comeback and of Disney parks, by the way, far exceeded the closest competitor Merlin entertainment, which owns the legal and parks and other attractions, Merlin parks and attractions. Sixty seven. Visitors last year increase of one and a half percent. We'll talk market rallying right now. The Dow's up one hundred twenty five points, NASDAQ fifty the s&p five hundred twelve we check him plenty in fifty Frank Motech from the capital, money, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio wanna be a stormtrooper at galaxy's edge. There's open casting calls today. We'll tell you about it coming up in ninety seconds. It's six fifty one.

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