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And usually some kind of payment information as well that is the one stop shop for criminals and unfortunately a lot of these, medical systems are Really antiquated so they may be a little bit easier to hack there have been stories in the, news, where people are installing ransomware at these hospitals and, then say hey pay us a bunch of bitcoin and will unlock, your system easy to. Hack and, then passport information that's probably another one of the best things that a. Hacker can get from it absolutely is because it's something that again it's going to take you a while. To figure out that this is going, on and so they can craft and identity, using that information and you might not catch on as quickly and so it's able to be used, multiple scams and then. Finally how do these hackers. Actually sell your info people in the industry call them, dark net markets it sounds so creepy but what are they doing how. Do they how do they sell your staff it's very, similar I really liked it I spoke with, Dan Smith from rod, where and he likened it to Craigslist which I really thought, was a really great analogy because I think, we've all, been on Craigslist, at some point, is that actually there's a lot of online marketplace informs where you can sit. There and post saying hey I have so. Many different, ID's or whatever years the data file And? They just require, really basic verifications before they're able? To actually proceed. With the sale it. Can happen pretty quick and after that it's just a buyer's market who's ever, interested in getting some stole information highest bidder go wow and that's why these it's always so important to keep an eye out for these data breaches and know where the possibility of your information is going to, be, at you know you always have the monitoring monitoring, your credit cards You just got to keep on top of everything so you don't get caught up in any situations like this Megan Lenhart senior writer for. CNBC making, thank you very much.

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