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Downs however even a team like the rockets with their hot you just can't beat that makes for a fun entertaining basketball game but yeah i think championship basketball we've seen that play itself out with the warriors your last three or four years it's on the houston chronicle covers the rockets would they smith who had embassies works weight on nbc sports radio knock kennedy yeah i thought it was telling after the warriors won their first championship both alvin gentry who was an assistant coach there at the time and steve kerr they both looked at the cameron said this vindicates mike d'antoni so i thought that's what volumes right there go yeah i i've been there and that's i mean it's it's it's sort of basketball but if it's innovate to hear it used to you know uh rudy tomjonovich changed the game in a lot of ways and people think okay well the rockets one there are a couple of championships when her team lajon was the best player on the court of best player in the league get the udp deputy in the pain yeah that what the case but they also put a lot of guys out 3point line and we just fired it up for deep not nearly as much as guys do now the borders and people were shooting back then and that was one of the times in league history frankly where a team with all one superstar was able to win a championship but that was the forefront of this style of play we have now and how you have we call them superstar compare to just allies or the star out superstars all guys who don't go inside it's it's a different way to ask well it's a different style but if it's a winning south so sure from the houston chronicle covers the rockets on a dazed with nbc sports weight on nbc sports.

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