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S. bird is implying. This is jason j. louis. The voice of superman on justice league action shoot men. You're listening to the crypt on report. Walk into the crypt on report. The all trip. Tony and podcast where we talk about. Anything relating superman supergirl krypton dc comics and tv movies video games comics. I'm your host tyler. The superman of blue the man of tomorrow. Welcome to this episode of krypton report. It is high. The superman of blue tyler and with me as always is that hunky man himself that good looking man from up north not santa claus but mr james cole. Welcome james you know just chilling keeping it real here in ohio on this perfectly followed any data this. We're having. I guess i didn't know about it. But like my little town having a community yard sale and this one dude has a tent just full of pop figures and there's too many that really spend too much money and my wife would kill me but i bought the For myself the joker. Jack nicholson from batman. Eighty nine about figuring out. That's awesome and the mike quebec later and by the kid flash the he has but i mean they're really awesome pop figures but the ones. I really like him. I want but i'm not. I'm not paying forty five dollars for a pop. Yeah fifteen is that kind of like Moment 'cause usually they're like eleven sometimes you can get him a little bit cheaper you know but There's a couple of he had like fifteen onsite but man they how he has all the big bang theory characters as the superheroes and i really wanted the leonard as green lantern. But i'm like i'm not paying. It's a he has forty five on it. We pulled my pictures thirty five. So it's thirty five for leonard. Forty-five penning thirty five for wall. Lewitt's fifty five or sheldon has the flash. He sold his raj aquaman Solange off man. Yeah and i'm just think he had. He had those. And i want them also bad because i my daughter any wonder woman and i bought a store so i got like ten ten twelve bucks whatever audits or a real amount for a piece of plastic. Yeah reasonable amount of sleep. To and i told her said you care of it on thinking or i collect and now that i see. They've got all reagan eros them all. That's one that's one of my favorite surface. Mine too is when they dress up as the justice league for the via years part. I don't think they ever made one of zach. Did they superman app. And i've seen. Yeah i don't i don't think they did ours. I iq's character so so Oh yeah look. It's a bird plane or owners like someone's breaking you that car and he looks down at the symbol hill. Back the best. this is the one. That's the biggest. That's a smarter decision. He may not trying to stop. People are that might have been zack's last Now he came back later. I mean he would have died off but yeah i told you what you're saying. Yeah the smart man in that episode but hey this is the big bang theory podcast though it could be doing it. The comic book. It's crazy. I tell my wife that i can tell you what time this episode was made based on what comic book stuff they have in the background. Yes i'm like. Oh it's at this point in time you because that issues over there and that issues right there. Yeah so much of it was made during the new. Yup all right. So what did we have that come. That came out news wise. We start with the worst or wait as wa for the news. Yeah man yeah. So i'm gonna later haven't done it yet but i was. I just been busy. I'm gonna film today. I'm gonna fill my kids action watching that trailer and just see how they are I'm afraid of this. Doug daddy so let's talk about right now so they should the first trailer for the king of the cartoon and it's garbage. It is like firing garbage. I don't care you cannot convince me. Anything else Even if the all the writing so good or whatever then. Put money into the animation okay. They went super cheap even like the adventure. The adventure time animation and. I can't stand that show stars in adventure time. In my opinion you know. I thought teen titans go was dumb when it came out because i was mad because it replaced young justice but holy crap watching the trailer for this automated teen. Titans go is like the pinnacle of human civilization of animation paintings go looks like young justice comparative a atlanta. I mean same thing. I told you like i sent you like kind of my breakdown. Was you know in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. We had thunder cats and then in two thousand eleven they rebooted or not twenty one twenty two two thousand and two. I talk their rebooted. It wasn't or was it twenty load. I don't even know time. And i can't tell what time it is awesome in animation. One yet it was a little bit more anime but they rebooted it really serious with stronger animation and it was great. I highly recommend it on hulu right now and now they have thunder cats roar which is the same type of animation as this so instead of rebooting stuff and making it better for kids. They're making everything dumber and just ask everything has to be. Everything has to be shorter You know like who knows probably Early end up being three minute. Let's of that. Forget that show you know. Being these days away everything gets shorter and shorter lie. You know just promote a short entrance in on. I mean nobody can pay attention anything longer than five minutes right. I mean and then we have you know vaccinators justice they was four hours and i can sit through like nothing the lord of the rings and i can sit through like nothing you tomorrow. It has. it's done well and they hit. Hold your attention. I mean yeah if conditioning kids to just watch garbage for short period of time. I mean Qube failed for a reason to people but anyway terrible. I thought it went. Didn't they say before that jason memo was gonna do vice that announced when it came out or when they announced it i thought so but maybe he saw it was like oh no..

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