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Harnish mint, judges legals The law breaking the laws rights these lunch ladies from Connecticut school district Nigel got busted for stealing some. Lunch money lunch money over the last five. Years now you would think okay lunch money probably stole a couple of hundred bucks here and there ten twenty grand the most over five years nearly five hundred thousand dollars in five years it's two, sisters and they've, been, charged with larceny and. Knowingly under-reporting cash totals totaling four hundred. Seventy. Eight. Thousand five hundred, eighty eight, bucks from cafeterias at? A couple of different high. Schools in. Connecticut and I'm like, okay I, got the story now he's, ladies, like, in, their sixties I'd be, there they're in the truest sense of. The word lunch ladies, yes, they look like ladies you look at these two mugshots these sixty year old gals of yeah if I had. To guess her career lunch lady this is. Gonna make a great movie you know they're gonna make a movie on this like Melissa McCarthy is going to be one of the lunch ladies and maybe like Kevin James will be the other one, and they're going, to, have this elaborate wacky. Scheme to steal half a million dollars That's a lot of money for lunch room, over five years man how much is. Lunch in, Connecticut good Lord all right we're gonna. Do some sports coming up next but on the heels of this. Awesome story about the, lunch ladies the car wells give, us a mood music to go into break with here it's the hammer Nigel show Hoagies ain't granddaughters Navy, beans navy, navy being snobby Uh-huh Own tomorrow on Tony. Cats newspapers are running at a to'real to slam President. Trump we're going to talk about the times the. Newspapers got the news wrong and the house majority, leader Kevin McCarthy joins us six to nine and eleven to one Tony cats right here on. Ninety The.

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