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Uh to try to end the conflict on their terms and they might even employed them and in particular they've deployed in a legal ground lodge cruisemissile which is a violation of the 1987 inf treaty what the pentagon is saying now is we need systems to counter this threat and if the russians think they can make a limited use of nuclear weapons and we won't respond because who won't want to invite uh escalation will we're going to have to new systems that could potentially respond and therefore perhaps they will use them in the first place and this is first system is a trident missile which is already on our strategic submarines and the idea is to take this existing missile and outfitted with a very small warhead of may be one to two kilotonnes compared to the current warhead which ranges from one hundred kilotonnes to more than 400 and this would be give the united states a capability to two carry out a limited strike and the other one is a seed launched cruise missile which is a system the us used to have in its arsenal but retired day years ago will what's the theory or strategy here is it that the kremlin might think washington would be more likely to use this lowyield weapon instead of a higher yield weapon that could start an all out nuclear war well uh from the pentagon's perspective the argument is a few if it's clear to your adversary that you're prepared a capable and ready to fight a limited nuclear war uh he there won't be any such war in the first place if the russians see that we have a capability to fight a limited war they themselves won't make unlimited use nuclear weapons are the pentagon's theories of the russians think that the only way we can respond is with strategic weapons or perhaps bombers in europe that maybe they might be tempted to make a limited use and calculate we won't.

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