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This is an academy with US following a five day visit to Democratic Republic of the Congo or DRC where instability intercommunal violence and disease Ez continues to take a heavy toll. The human rights situation there is showing signs of improvement. Said High Commissioner Michelle Ashley. The human rights chief visited visited the Eastern Province of Italy and medley. There's from the hammer and lender communities. We have suffered atrocities which according to a recent report from her office may constitute potential crimes against humanity at the end of revisit this week. The High Commissioner spoke exclusively to raid your copy the Francophone radio station station run by the UN mission in the country MANISCO. Speaking to your room mate specially started by giving an overview of the current state of human rights into DRC. We've voiced his questions into English. I will tell you. There has been a decrease of three percent. In the number of documented documented human rights violations this has been limited the number Gravity and consequences for the population remains warring though I am particular particular concern that in fact that state agents remain responsible for the majority fifty four percent over the documenting violations against the across the country. They have done less violation but still remain the biggest responsible the FA RDC in particular particular remained responsible for the largest Numbers is supposed to twenty eight percent of documented. We're talking about documented violation. We're talking about allocate. Bailey shows that have been presented by people and the had been verified which must trace that beyond limitations in their ability eighty to protect civilians. They play an active role as perpetrators decisive action. Then on the government to stop is needed to stop all by elections by the security agencies and our forces is needed but on the other hand we see an increase of activities by armed on group they have increased by forty percent. Continue to have a devastating impact on civilians so he has increased weight. In general montains the proportion on state actors but We have increased activities by armed groups so the other thing that is concerning is the increase of reported the cases of sexual violence but we have to also acknowledged progress in some areas and it has been a significant decrease minus twenty six percent percent almost a third less in the number of violation of fundamental freedoms such as you know the opening of Democratic Space Freedom of speech is the assembly and well the release of political prisoners. So I think this is a positive thing that really acknowledge however. I think it's always needed to continue making all efforts so The there's nobody relational for political a million and political rights including the should be no attacks against human rights defenders and other civil society actors and of course demonstrations should continue to be free and have hello Repression on ten January. The United Nations joined Human Rights Office published a report which states at least seven hundred. One people were killed in communal community conflicts into drew territory in Italy between September. Twenty seventeen in September two thousand nineteen according to these documents. The vast majority thirty of the victims of the attacks appear to have been targeted because of their membership of the him a community. The report also indicates that he attacks could be genocide or or crimes against humanity in his report has been contested by the Lendu community which considers it be as in full of errors. You met this community in Boone. What was the response you gave them well? First of all the reason that I went to Italy is because the majority of people will Al- always to north keep all South Kivu. We have just this report that show us that there will be problems in Italy and individual territory. The second thing that I explained to them is that the findings of the report are based on a thorough objective impartial investigation conducted by the UN. Join Human the office using the standard methodology of my office. We use the same little dollies you all over the world. I told them that all violations are abusive by all parties have been investigated the with the same level of care on thoughtfulness the figures of the report represent all the incidents against that could be verified according to the OT charming dot org and standard of proof. I pointed out that the report also also provides figures of land victims of attacks perpetrators by the Hema and documents human rights violations abuses committed against the the Lendu undo by the army and police forces. And not only figures of Hemmeh victims and finally I also noted that we will continue to the money towards the situation so I invited him to share any information about human rights abuses and violations that were not included in the report for for us so he can be verified several Congolese personalities and organizations have asked I see seat to consider the crimes and other abuses committed by national and foreign armed groups ups particularly in the East. What is your opinion? Well we think that justice substantial element of the pathway to peace peace without justice spur difficult difficult to be sustainable. We have seen it in many parts of the world. There must be accountability for crimes. Committed and justice must be seen to be done done by population have been victims of crimes and serious human rights violations. The Primary Mission of the icy sea is. It's indeed to help Putin and to impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes and thus contribute to the prevention of such crimes important to note however that is not a soup sitted for national courts. It is a duty of every state to investigate. And I would say prosecute those responsible for international crimes so the icy can only intervene where when state is unable or unwilling adding to do so therefore the primary responsibility for trying perpetrators of the most serious crimes in the including those committed in the East lies within the Congolese authorities for the last ten years. We have seen progress in the capacity of the national judicial authorities in particular particular military justice to investigate and prosecute cases of grave human rights violations in particular cases that amount to crimes against humanity ace or war crimes so there has been important convictions both of senior military commanders and our group commander so I think the important talking now is to encourage the government and in particular the Minister of Justice to continue improving the system improving the capacities the resources so that requires to fight impunity effectively. So I I I will always also like to underline our commitment to continue providing providing technical assistant assistance and other kind of support Schori. Human Rights Awesome in prison conditions in. DRC They are deplorable ruble. Several deaths of prisoners have been recorded. What are your General Recommendations to Congolese authorities to improve these human rights sector? Well the first thing thing is really really concerned to hear about the conditions on prisons. The high number of faith linked to poor conditions. Poor Poor poor foot Lack of food security and of course Seven South Stander Health Care Sanitation Asian food that cycle and many many many prisoners in small prison. So I've been speaking with the government and with the Minister of Justice. Who's aware aware of this? And he's GonNa go visit different places to see the conditions and to see what can be done because you know of course. New prisons needs to be built. But but that's not something you can do from one to another so where we have been discussing is that they are going to go to the prices. And they're going to analyze the prisoners cases because because many of them are for a long time because the justice system have not been able to trial them yet. The other situation are people who the things they committed that they they did it. Maybe not that bad that they can to remain in jail that they could have sort of prevention provincial provincial and measures that can be home but respond to the police. I mean there are different ways of dealing this while A lot of other prisoners can be built so what we have been toiling then is that they have to see every case by case and see what the abilities are so but the important thing is that we have discuss this with the government. They are aware of this and they have told me that they are going to take additional measures to try to address the problem..

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