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Because i am really scared by quarterbacks. And i'll get into that when i talk about my fantasy teams and stuff like that. But yes so ryan fitzpatrick leaves. If you're desperate at quarterback in taylor heinecke is somebody that you possibly like pick up. I mean going up against the giants and things gonna be a little bit tough but we'll see what happens but yeah that's kind of like my thoughts on that game though. Justin herbert though must start every week. Awesome actor Forgot to mention fifteen of fifty. Seven fifty seven rushing yards on fifteen russia's one touchdown Herbert three hundred. Thirty seven yards one touchdown one pick. He was fantastic today. Jared cook viruses for fifty six yards. Mike williams eight receptions for eighty two yards. Listen this chargers. Offense is really good. Okay and you're gonna wanna start. You know guys. Like keenan allen. Herbert and equity. I'm a little worried about mike williams. Listen if this guy doesn't get injured this guy that should be in your flex spot in. But he doesn't stay healthy so moving right along forty niners in the lions You look at their top performers deebo samuel thirty one point nine fantasy points mitchell. They're running back sixteen point four points. Jimmy garoppolo had fourteen point seven six. Then you look on the other side. Jared goff was fantastic. He had almost twenty nine points. Hopkinson at twenty five point seven and jamaal williams twenty five so you look at garoppolo stat. Line three hundred fourteen yards. Seventeen to twenty five one touchdown trey lance threw his first touchdown in this game mitchell. Nineteen russia's one hundred four yards and a touchdown remastered had to leave the game early with a knee injury. Deebo samuel is fantastic nine receptions four hundred eighty nine yards one touchdown. George cadle four receptions. Seventy eight yards. And then trench sherefield to receptions twenty three yards and a touchdown enya you shacks and hasty they had they each had one reception. But now remo moster leaves the game with a knee injury that's concerning and if you have on your team you know you could pick up this guy mitchell in because he did run the ball effectively trade sermon as as well. That's a good backup to have too hasty. I mean they're available options. I mean but that that's just concerning and another thing that's concerning his brand euch did not have a target in this game did not have a reception in this game. He did nothing. And this is a guy that i was very high on and you now. He was lower on the depth chart dune and stuff but that is something that is really concerning me that he really just did not do anything in this game again. It's one game. But i i'm very concerned by that and i'll get into that when i talk about my fantasy is because who they were some performers that i were there was some players. I was very mad at. And you look at jared goff thirty eight fifty seven three hundred thirty eight yards three touchdowns the at one point. This game was like thirty eight to ten. This game was a reach and the lines came roaring back. And you had hopkinson eight receptions ninety seven yards and a touchdown swift eight receptions for sixty five yards and a touchdown on a screen. Pass jamal williams had a touchdown. Lions offense was pretty good in this game on the comeback trail. And jared goff. Listen he had time to throw and played pretty good game and almost led them back So you know. Jared goff might be a hot waiver. Wire pickup after the performance. He had because you know with all these guys use to like khalif freeman and saint brown entira williams guy played really well against his forty niners defense and he's going up against the packers defense next week in the way they played. I mean i think maybe you want to pick up. Jared goff if you need a quarterback for that week so to kind of go through the remaining games you had the man there. There's so many games So you got the panthers. Mccaffrey was a top performer. Darnold was a top performer. Corey davis zach. Wilson were top performers. You know. Zach wilson definitely showed you something and definitely could be a backup quarterback on your team if he continues to play like he did today. obviously get off to a rough start but he definitely settled in and you can be a backup for your team. And if you've got him in dynasty definitely like what you saw from. That corey davis. Also i think can elevate himself to be in your starting lineup to him. And zack wilson. They had a great connection. One of the touchdown passes wilson throw was incredible. And i think corey dave can definitely elevate himself to flex option and then on the other side. You know christian. Mccaffrey was really good today. robbie anderson only had. I believe the only had one catch for that big touchdown. Sam darnold didn't play that ben. This game he went to twenty four thousand. Five hundred seventy nine yards and a touchdown. Yet robbie anderson only had one catch was for fifty seven yards and a touchdown. Mccaffrey was involved in the passing game in the running game really good in as long as he stays healthy. He's going to be fantastic. So i think corey davis You know an out. Dj more also got hurt in this game. I believe so. I don't know if you. I don't know what the extent of the injury was. I don't remember if he came back in. Because i was watching so many different games. But you know if he if he's injured and he misses time..

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