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Network, Republican efforts to take away a woman's right to choose, in this country continue playing out in a massive way in Louisiana. The governor who is allegedly a Democrat, John Bel Edwards on Thursday signed a Bill banning the procedure once a fetal heartbeat is detectable with no exceptions for rape, or incest. It's the latest restrictive abortion Bill to pass the governor's desk in Georgia local industries are starting to feel the heat. Netflix, Disney and Warner media have all said they may stop producing movies and TV shows there if the state's new abortion law survives court challenges, and in Missouri. The countdown is on for the state's sole surviving abortion clinic, the Planned Parenthood, sites license expires Friday, the day decision on their lawsuit. To stay open is expected. If it closes, Missouri would be the only state in forty five years to not offer. The procedure, Donald Trump has issued a new alternate them to Mexico and his ongoing efforts to crack down on immigration at the southern US border threatening to impose new tariffs on Mexico, if the country does not step up its immigration enforcement actions. Trump tweeted his new policy, quote, June tenth the United States will impose a five percent tariff on all goods coming into our country with a capital city from Mexico until such time is illegal immigrants coming through Mexico and into our country. Stop stop, of course in all caps. He continued the tariffs will gradually increase in till the legal immigration problem is remedied, which time the tariffs, will be removed. Yeah. According to a White House statement. The terrible rise to ten percent on July first then increased by. Five percent increments each month until topping out at twenty-five percent on October first Republican Senator Chuck Grassley spoke out strongly against the stupid idea. Chairman of the Senate finance committee, Chuck Grassley condemned. The move saying that statement trade policy and border security are separate issues. This is a misuse of presidential tariff thority and counter to congressional intent, you said that the tariff threat would seriously jeopardize passage of the revised North American Free trade agreement, and, quote, I support nearly everyone of President Trump's immigration policies. But this is not one of them that again is from Republican Chuck Grassley. Meanwhile, the calls for the house to open an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump's presidency are growing Nancy Pelosi talked about the process Thursday night with Jimmy Kimmel we go down this path. We have to be ready and it has to be clear to the American people. And we have to hope that it will be clear to, to the Republicans in this. The United States. So you're saying that you wanna make sure everybody's on board before you would get into something like PM. Well, we're gonna pass a gain information. A public deserves to know the truth affects. When you go down the past light impeachment, which is very divisive. It could divide the country. Sure. But let's just put it this way. We understand our oath of office. Just supporting defend the constitution of the United States, but any must've heard my criticisms, as Bernie Sanders. Finally stepped up this president is not above the law. No president is above the law. This president must be held accountable, and I believe that the judiciary committee should begin impeachment inquiries, inquires. All right. US department of energy still under the auspices of Rick Perry has rebranded liquid natural gas, as quote freedom gas. I'm not kidding. This story is not from the onion. Here's Amy Goodman from democracy. Now, the rebranding came as part of. A department of.

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