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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. A Royal gun salute has United Kingdom hosts President Trump and first lady Melania Trump. They began their trip at Buckingham Palace were both her due to dine with Queen, Elizabeth the second in a few hours, one of the major issues to loom over. President Trump's visit to Europe is the global ripple effect of the US trade dispute with other countries, especially China and international security conference in Singapore. Over the weekend took stock of declining relations acting Defense Secretary. Patrick Shanahan said the Indo Pacific was the priority theater for the US. China's national defense minister, however, said, the US presence was destabilizing the region. Here's NPR's Julie McCarthy, it was the big powers, laying out competing visions of the Asia Pacific acting Defense Secretary Shanahan called out China as perhaps, the greatest long-term threat to the region for undermining the rule-based international order, he cited state-sponsored theft of military and civilian technology of other nations. He said the US welcomed comp. Titian with China provided plays by established rules. China's general way phone who warned that its military will resolutely take action to defend its claims over Taiwan, and suggested that u s warships and military aircraft which navigate the region where the reason for Beijing's military buildup in the disputed, South China Sea to the McCarthy NPR news, Apple's expected to announce later today. It's dropping. I tunes. More from NPR's jasmine, Gars years. People have been complaining that I tunes is doing too much you use it to watch TV listen to music and podcasts today. Apple is expected to launch separate apps for TV podcasts Anna music op that will align more with streaming apple whose phone sales have been down in recent years has been rebranding itself as an entertainment provider recently announcing original video streaming content killing, I tunes is largely seen the move in dot director. Rian Chasma Garcia. Reporting the chairman and the CEO of Carnival Cruise lines are under orders to appear in federal court today to account for the company's violation of environmental laws. More from NPR's Greg Allen. A hearing in April US district judge Patricia sites heard evidence that carnival the world's largest cruise line had violated probation, ordered after the company was found guilty of environmental crimes. The judge expressed amazement at testimony. The company executives prepared employs for quartered audits falsified records and continue to dump plastics and gray water from cruise ships in Alaska and the Bahamas. She discussed revoking the company's probation and even possibly blocking carnival ships from docking at US ports, people who identify themselves as victims of carnivals illegal dumping, including an environmentalist from the Bahamas and the fishermen from Alaska harassing to be heard at today's hearing travel industry officials congresswoman and Alaska's governor have filed letters, supporting carnival, Greg Allen, NPR news Miami. This is NPR from K Q, E news. I'm Brian watt. The amount of snow blanketing the Sierra, Nevada. Data is now double the average for this time of year, the State Department of water resources says as of last week, the snowpack is even bigger than the twenty seventeen levels that pulled the state out of a five year, drought, California snowpack supplies about thirty percent of water needs across the state in the Tahoe area squaw valley ski resort has seen so much. No, this year it plans to stay open until at least July fifth. The city of Richmond is transferring the management of its subsidized housing program to contra Costa county. K Q, E D, Jeremy Siegel has more. The Richmond, housing authority, manages hundreds of units of affordable housing for low income, elderly, and disabled residents and also gives out section eight vouchers to subsidize rent for some seventeen hundred others, but the agency is faced major financial and operational challenges. And as long struggled to meet the basic needs of its tenants. Now officials say they expect services to improve for tenants and landlords with contra. Casa's housing authorities stepping in to take over the city section eight program. The shift is set to take place at the beginning of July. I'm Jeremy Siegel, kqed news and sports. The warriors won. They went on third quarter. Tear that left me speechless for a few seconds last night in Toronto. Andre Iguodala hit a clutch three to beat the raptors one oh nine two one four the NBA finals tied one to one. They head to Oakland on Wednesday. We await official word on Klay Thompson, who left last night's game in the fourth quarter after injuring his left hamstring..

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