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Can they do that? Greg Tulsa Dot. Com Greg for Tulsa on all of the social media outlets. I think we even have take talk organizers at this point. Then that Greg for Tulsa volunteers on Facebook, I think has over a thousand folks and growing. So all of those places, we're very active in communicating with our volunteers with our supporters join in the movement the campaign we want to hear Your Voice WanNa hear how you WanNa Make Tulsa better. For. Also, well done and making sure that your signs were bigger than Coho signs. So, your lawn signs fight I can't win the hype battle with Mike. Into? What man complex and make. Larger To confuse people saw. Think so much for joining us today and hopefully after after the runoff. You are still in the running and maybe we can have you on again and we can talk more about how you make more. Equitable and vibrant place. Thank you Jessie. Thank you. Chris. Average. Thank you. Thank you all for listening to our conversation with Greg to find out more about his campaign and how you can get evolved. You can go to his website Greg for Tulsa Dot com also, there are multiple groups on facebook And check them out Greg for Tulsa Greg volunteers all of those.

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