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McCain of. Course who obviously you know we all know the story Franken was shot down serving as a fighter pilot over Vietnam landed in a. Lake in in Hanoi where he was taken in. Beaten it already had a busted up leg broken arm they stabbed him with a bayonet in, the groin many of his wounds were not. Medically treated and he was forced to. Live with him he was tortured at the Hanoi Hilton when, the Vietnamese found out that his father was an Admiral. They were willing to to trade him to release, him, if he would made certain statements and he said no he was not going to be. Released unless everybody in that prison could come with him And of course Colonel bud day who is recognize the longtime war hero It was his his inspiration course he gave that but but again so there's no doubt that McCain's war. Record and service was incredibly heroic and brave to the very last eight The case of John McCain we have two narratives here you know it's. In it's fair to look at objectively at both narratives of course we talked about his aerobic actions in the, war in the and then, his his, political legacy and John McCain I think joke took delight in in in knowing that he could cross the aisle to get along, with Democrats and that may have been you. Know the motives operandi years ago when Republicans may add the represented the minority and or. If they represented the majority for that matter, they crossed the aisle to get things done but I think John McCain kind of lost sight of, what, the democrat, party had become it has become not just a liberal party but a progressive liberal party bordering on on the On on being a socialist party so do you. Want, to get. Along with those kinds of people can you get along with those kind of people. I my answer, would be no you cannot, and so I think John. McCain and, I think. Basically the the crowning blow was when he had. The decisive, vote in repealing ObamaCare comes in from his sick bed and everybody thought that he was going to vote in. Favor of repealing, ObamaCare and what did he do thumbs-down rejected it also had the McCain Feingold lack which the, supreme court overturned key elements, of that, that was his best known legislative work I believe it was unconstitutional in the supreme court I think upheld that the McCain Feingold, lack is not much of a legacy he. Worked with Ted Kennedy of all people on the number of things again you're right you. Just mentioned the the chance to repeal ObamaCare, which has been extremely burdensome stressful for most Americans He didn't get. That. Of course. He was not a member of the middle class he married into money remember his first wife Carol Was you, know she was the one that started, this whole POW thing with the. Bracelets and while, he was held, in captivity and you know after he returns home wasn't shortly thereafter, he kicks. Her to, the curb and of course for. Whatever reason I'm not. Sure what, the the marriage fell apart in any Mary's Cindy. McCain and she of. Course of the analyzer Bush Fortune. In Phoenix Arizona which he then used the money there to launch his first congressional and he ran in the seat of very Goldwater. So conservative iconic conservative legends so he had big shoes to. Fill, but and I. Don't think he did you know a lot of he was a. Hawk and that part of it I I love John McCain for that for the. Hell, he wanted. To make sure the military was always funded had the best equipment that part of John McCain was great on domestic issues he was horrifying and he's, often been called for his class well not much, class when, later on you admit that you really didn't want Sarah Palin you actually. Want to Joe Lieberman and yet the party talked you, out of itself again you're right a, tale of two McCain's jekyll-hyde to. Narratives here the, war hero and, certainly not a hero to to conservatives and through a lot in, the end. The Republican, party on, some of his votes Some of his stances we'll get your thoughts as well four ten WTVN six eighty one eight hundred WCBS six eighty. The one thing I do not want to see is governor Doug Ducey appoint Cindy McCain to the, to, the Senate position which is what is being discussed right now along with John Kyle and a few others all right. Six fourteen traffic, and weather. First with the update here's the king, Chuck the body Whitaker thank Sean brought. To you, is a service of AAA heating Adair the right side of the. Toll, plaza coming north out of the fort McHenry tunnel. Pretty active there looks like about seven to ten maybe twelve vehicles backed up on the right side that's northbound.

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