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Back to the best of daybreak Middle East Sri Lanka shut its stock exchange on Monday after hundreds of people were killed in a wave of bombings on Easter Sunday. The government said some of the explosions that hotels and Christian shrines were carried out by suicide bombers and that twenty four people had so far been arrested. Yousef got more with emerging markets team leader, Donna Alba, Taj. But we've seen reaction right now in the bond market the bond that they sold last month. The the ten year has basically fallen the yield has risen by twenty three basis points, which is the most sense those bonds were issued early last month, you know, a lot of the investors that we spoke to yesterday said that they are expecting to see a knee jerk reaction in markets. Of course, we can't say anything in stocks because the exchange is is closed until further notice. But you know, what what all of the investors set. To us was they wanna know if this is going to be a one off event or for going back to the battled bad old days. So they are watching the events very very closely and they are holding onto their investments as of yet. But of course, as as we have seen in the markets. There are some sales, but still most of the people that we spoke to are saying that they are holding off. As pointed out, this Lincoln governor saying that the ball outflows are likely going to be manageable house, her luggage fits into the broader context of global markets because arguably in terms of size and scale it is it is quite a bit smaller be the place, but how about foreign investors at work putting money into the loan can assets. So the nation has about thirteen billion dollars of outstanding eurobonds that accounts for about fifteen percent of GDP, you know, and with the sale that they had last month about two point four billion dollars. You know that really up to that size. You know, a lot of investors see this nation as an economy play. They they were they were concerned about the slowdown in the economy, but still they were quite positive on things going forward. You know, it's really important to note that the nation's bonds were among the best performers and in emerging market. So far this year. But that's why there's a lot of interest in these nations assets, the UAE based rock Bank turned in a first quarter beat this week with net income coming in at seventy three point five million dollars. We got more with CEO Peter England on Thursday. It's a mixture of things part of it. Also is that we introduce financial institutions lending business awhile ago, which doesn't actually reflect.

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