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Check in with WBZ financial letter to Dave Caruso he joins us now so how we look at the open today Dave you know we're doing okay Jeff it would with scares me a little bit as they throw was to crowd so I I worry about those things I guess that's my nature but you know we saw what happened with the funeral yesterday were were fifty people died but you know we are seeing the market to do okay this morning start looking at some of the data stocks last year were about twenty eight percent for two thousand nineteen and we're only off about one percent of the new highs so there is some encouragement there despite the my worries I guess also we've got a busy week coming up this week we've got the trade deficit numbers just came out this morning it at about eight percent that's a three year low and if you're down the numbers as forty three point one billion a lot of that has to do with the China trade so not such good data there we're gonna see other consumers is doing take a look at our debts we've got the ATP private sector jobs coming out on Wednesday and of course the all important jobs that are the coming up for the first time this year on Friday morning so we'll see what happens there is any particular stocks that catch your eye today yeah absolutely looks like Fizer other up a little bit so drug companies seem to be rallying just a tad bowling they're looking to raise some of that debt in case they have more problems with their seven thirty seven back so they want to firm up a little bit their balance sheet Tesla record high today and also we're gonna hear a lot this week on the fed chief so there's a lot of them they're all going to be commenting on the twenty twenty markets it right now markets looking okay this is we are down right now is to be about twenty eight the S. and P. of free nasdaq up about fifteen and oil down just a little bit gold and silver of.

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