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Like this whole weekend I mean it's open and weekend so everyone just wanted to run and their full fields and their competitors feels. Yeah, those are tough races. When you think about the claiming crown and I always refer to it and we have for years, the breeders cup for the blue collar working horses of the sport. What does it mean for the connections of these horses to compete for this kind of money? I mean, I think people really look forward to it has become a daily, especially reclaim a lot of horses and we have a lot of owners that look forward to it. They're always trying to find that came in from horses as a whole person dream. And their aspect is their burrito scope for the strength for the payment owners and the horses. It's been a great day. It successfully produces good handle and it produces competitive breezes. You look at a racist today. It's not easy to make these single horses in any of these races today. You touched earlier, safiya about the team. And how important it is for the team to work together and develop together and grow in the way that you've been able to do it in the past few years. And it's been a big part of your success. Edgar zayas is part of your team. You've brought him into the fold. He has become kind of your John Velazquez, if you will, if you were Todd pletcher, he's been your go to guy. Why is he such a good fit? Let me write a great year round where we run most of our horses. So he comes over basically every weekend. He works a lot of our horses for us. So he has a feeling we get into a good rhythm and it's been working on hopefully he can keep continuing and we're not going to fix what's not broken. So long may continue fingers crossed. Yeah, visiting with trainer safi Joseph junior here on the horse racing radio network, looking ahead to the rest of the championship meet staff. I know you said the numbers are big. They certainly are today. You're going to make a run at that leading trainer title, at least you hope you are. Tell me about some of the horses that folks can look forward to from the barn that could have an impact later in the meat. We run a nice two year old tomorrow one first. I'm always named as AP secret. Kind of the trends like he's our best to really one first time out more in work like fashion, hope and tomorrow, a human he can make that jump forward and of course in the next level. And as you're thinking, as you're thinking of big races of tomorrow's going to be his judgment call to see if you can step it up a notch. That's one thing that's so cool about this championship meet is you start to find out if you belong. If you're a contender or a pretender looking ahead to next year's classics. No, most definitely. All these allowance racism if you win any of these allowance racism the next step basically you're going to stick So I'm going to some of the ones where you just come up just as some of the other prep. So if you're fortunate enough to win one of them, you're definitely going to give a horse and tray going long. I'm looking at those entries tomorrow 13 horses, entered on the program tomorrow. You certainly do have the numbers, my friend. Hopefully we can pick up some weathers, get some momentum. I think if we could keep pretty close to thoughts of December last year, he got away from us in December. Because they're pretty close, we're going to give them a rental money. But overall, we just happy to be in this position. Thankful to have the arms we do. And we just want to win every race that we run. Obviously, we lose a lot more than we ran, but we just keep moving forward. I try to do our best and keep winning. Is dad here helping you now or is he back home in Barbados? No, he's there. I'm at palmetto this morning. All right. Well, safi Joseph junior, his dad is a major part of that team and his success and staff. I wish you guys all the best this upcoming me. Good luck with the claiming crown today and go in some races, my friend. Thank you very much, Mike. We're going to try. All right. They call him Baba back home in Barbados and Baba is going to be looking to see if he can dethrone one of the greatest of all time and Todd Fletcher. We'll see how this plays out. You heard him say, just going to try and keep Todd close into here in December and try to let him get too far away and have to play catch up interesting the way that trainers look at those things. Isn't it really interesting? And Dale Romans pointed out what we were having that conversation a couple of weeks ago. We were talking about safi. He said, you know, for him, the money titles and the big races have become more important. Dale said, when he was a young trainer, he always focused on the training titles. And he always, they meant they still mean a lot to them. But it was a goal of his early on. It's not so much a goal anymore, trying to be leading trainer. But winning the big races in the big money events has become a goal. And I think that just comes with experience..

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