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Of have done that so real quick question have you done that with the cleaning business in illinois no i am still i have helped me anything it but i'm still managing so let me just hold you to your statement so your sweet spot is actually creating things you're you're actually there you create businesses you create things around you create solutions that become businesses i think that's what you are i think you're an entrepreneurial superstar that's what juices for you is starting stuff and and you just said that what you do is you create and then you get to a point where you're handed off but you haven't done that you're not eating your own food so my answer to your initial question is a you're not crazy but be i would not start the new venture the cleaning business in santa monica until you have replaced yourself not as the owner founder but replace yourself as the day to day running the business in illinois you've gotta get somebody and you look like you've had some incremental progress there but keep going and you need to turn it over that's your number one homework assignment for me that's your number one item on the list fully move somebody into the cleaning business in illinois that's running the day to day and you're just providing supervision and leadership and then you keep hustling on the side with this music russian thing and again you're going to have to replace yourself there at some point but i would not launch the santa monica thing until that the illinois situation allows you the time because you're gonna have to put a lot of energy probably some trips the hiring process the culture the systems i mean this is a whole different ball game you can absolutely do it and i think you should do it but do it cash and do it when you've got the margin to actually be the caretaker of this new think of it as a baby you.

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