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I think has range especially in front of an audience and in the ring is more exciting and more credible and more nimble against different variety of opponent. So there i'm throwing my interesting to say i. I am someone who likes. As a bigger proponent of one than the other right well. That's but that's exactly what i'm saying. I i really just noticed this recently. Like i just feel like when i watched rob gender really gets those organic booze. He's getting the audience is giving him the reception that he wants. And i feel like drew is getting unexcited. Response as the audience watches him. Beat up gender mahal or gender mahal's latkes And i think that that's the most you're going to ask for right now out of out of that. That's the story that you want told You know. I think ultimately this is a a good spot for gender for sure and this ends up being a stepping-stone where where you got a big bad guy for drew to beat and beats him. And everybody's happy and hopefully you'd move onto you move on to somebody else after summer slam so it's not. It doesn't start to feel stale. Aloha torch faithful. This is kelly wells host of wt talks and x t every thursday. You can hear me and.

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