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All right, let's get let's get to court document number one big hacked it. By the way Pack tips are always appropriate to techno fog. That techno underscore fog on Twitter. I believe his own parlor to I don't even open so he could be a Shia but great account all over the legal stuff today. That's where he got some of the Screenshots from so had tipped the techno fun. Let's get right to it here. So screech at number one. So this is one of the court documents in the motion. They talk about quote Epstein. Also sexually traffic, then minor Jane Doe, Obviously, that I can use your name, making her available for sex to politically connected and financially powerful people. I'm trying to keep the show family friendly. So folks is Pigment. May you know we're not. We're going to try to avoid the really horrible stuff. But you get what I'm saying. So Epstein sexually traffic minors to powerful people. Some of the names Unbelievable. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Miss Maxwell, Elaine Maxwell. Jean Luc Burnell. And Alan Dershowitz again. This is just in the court documents. I'm just reading the names that have been uncovered in these court documents. Wow. Know what I am. We will not be providing cover here for anyone for any reason. I have a teenage daughter. This is disgusting. Seriously grotesque. Let's go to screen shot Number two. In case you think those were the on ly people mentioned here. There's a victim interview. So they say, Hey, when they're talking to one of the victims when you say you asked him, why is Bill Clinton here? Where was here? In other words, they're asking one of the victims. You know you so Bill Clinton was there. Well, where was here? She says, you know, on the island, talking about Epstein's Pervert Island. When you are President Jeffrey have seen Bill Clinton on the island. Who else was there? Victim, says G Lane Emmy and there were two young girls that I could identify. I never really knew them Well, anyways, it was just two girls from New York. Again. I get goose bumps talking about this. Like what kind of a sick pervert is this guy? If this testimony Israel Again, Even the worst people of the planet are entitled to the presumption of innocence in our justice system. But if this testimony Israel And Bill Clinton was on Pervert Island. With under aged girls. You didn't seriously question here, Bill. You didn't think to ask who they were what they were doing on an island. Underage girls. You you aren't curious. Who did you think they were? By the way. How is this not the lead story in The New York Times? Because it's Bill Clinton. Trust me, Ladies and gentlemen. If that name was Donald Trump, this would be a front page story from now to the end of the end of time. It would be a permanent front page story. You didn't hear about this yesterday. That a victim and a sworn deposition said she was on an island with underage girls. Would Bill Clinton on the FC Now you missed. You missed that. It's not your fault. You missed it again. We're dealing with media outlets. Who will do anything, even protecting people accused accused Of grotesque cars like this. Because they're liberal activists. If that name was Ted Cruz or Tom Cotton, or anything else it be plaster on every front page in every news channel in America. It is a Democrat. They're a protected class. May say this can't get worse. Oh, you'd be wrong. It can and does His court document number three Where Jeffrey Epstein's email and Dylan Maxwell again his right hand woman whose alleged to be one of the ringleaders of this underage girl sexual abuse scandal. And Jeffrey Epstein when she says, Hey, listen, I've been asked questions about a bunch of the staff. And this is Gillian Maxwell. Jeffrey Epstein. Emails or Bacchus says, Hey, don't you worry about this. Here's the E mail. He says this and this is okay with me. You've done nothing wrong, And I urge you to start acting like this. Is Epstein talking to Maxwell? Go outside Head Hijo head high. This is how sick this guy is. This's how this's. Instead he 1000 head high. Don't act like an escaping convicts go to parties deal with it. I at least suspense in the Swedish Ocean ambassador yesterday, she said, No one on erosion panel takes this stuff seriously. And you'd be welcome to the ocean Conference water conference, etcetera. That's his response. This sick, grotesque human being not even worried about these allegations was taking this seriously. Go to parties, Head high head. Be proud. May say, Gus, that sounds really bad. Bunch of powerful people. Mentioned in there. Bill Clinton specifically named on Pervert Island. Epstein tells it, Don't even worry about it. This isn't even serious. You think it gets worse? Oh, boy. It gets a lot worse. The FBI knew about this. Apparently so. Look at this document that just came out again had tipped techno fog. The limited information produced from the iCloud account shows that responsive information exists. The production includes plaintiffs communications with FBI agent Jason Richards in Wait, Wait. What does that say, Joe? My rudeness right in 2014? Yes, my eye Sight's going bad Paul on CNN. Okay. Thank you suggest that plaintiff was in regular communications with him at various times. Particularly in mid 2014. Despite this few pieces of correspondence with Agent Richards have been produced. Like they've also produced an email to Kristina Prior, the FBI. But not any response to that. Email. Folks listen. It's not Monday morning quarterbacking. It's just saying human being stuff to say. The FBI know about this in 2014. What the hell were you doing? I mean, what more evidence did you mean? Did you miss all this stuff? How many.

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