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The website okay Lynchburg Virginia Nathan great to have you with us Sir hello rush I would love to talk to men this only gets straight to the point was eleven hundred department of justice action X. department of justices who were part of the mall investigation saying they condemned the department of justice and wine bar and they won his impeachment coppers impeachment all using William Barr has before he has to subside to the liberal agenda in DC and as far as this group concerned is he going to continue with trump's after these two Dr the sweets and will Mitch McConnell also look at what's really going on and stop publicly humiliating our president as far as that's concerned because he wasn't a big fan of some begin with Watson that's doing the when not does I look I need information that you have that I don't have to render into what's Mitch McConnell down to humiliate trump one of the he retreated with adults we about that that down from should probably stop tweeting thus defeating the meat that look the reason why don't some tweaks we all know right was normal people is because he bypasses the media he's destroying the media but let us know that's exactly right for for anyone to discourage him from keep from from treating let me give you a reality on the ground here that that this is gonna be some of you may not want to hear it you maybe hoping for something different but let me tell you something it has not changed no matter what else is going on here you know what you know at night but I can tell your voice the bottom line is folks that I don't care where you go in Washington DC the vast majority of wish Donald Trump wasn't there including Republicans and that's why all this stop tweeting stuff because it's embarrassing them it's outside the norms it's no different than when those ambassadors testified why trump is trump is not listening to the interagency group is doing his own foreign policy ignored are talking points yeah and for that we impeach him we fire you you're right you're gonna go by ambassadors goodbyes and men now we think that these people need to pay a price for this kind of sabotage but they're not going to pay a price Veneman's not gonna be disciplined for doing what he did apparently I know how that takes you all off the only way the trump survives this is with all of our continued support for the guy we are yet as long as he has enough support to get reelected all they can do is whine and moan and complain but they're gonna do that folks now I know that you know the training is is a specially something that bugs these people yeah I had a lunch we understand why it bothers them because it's so outside the norms of what is considered presidential comportment and behavior and so forth trump is not violating any constitutional regulation or law or any statutory law will any of his tweeting on these cases and anything having to do with Russia where people are being punished and sentenced to jail he ought to call out on it because it is absurd that anybody has gone to jail for any of this because all that's happened is process crimes there would not have been any crimes had there not been this foolish investigation which was nothing more than a co now these eleven hundred former G. O. J. feel they're all left wing former lawyers doing what is a common trick somebody writes a letter thousands of people signed it given to CNN a New York times and they reported as somehow the greatest minds in American thing bill Maher on to resign bar is not going to be intimidated by any of this I don't think bar's gonna gold leftist on it I don't think he's gonna died and I just I just don't see that I'm out of time I wish I could elaborate and out I will tomorrow I promise but I'm just run out of time.

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