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Here in the metro area it's kind of making like a big circle around the WBC listening area right now the northern part you're already seeing some action looks like just snow it first but there is some rain there is some ice and it's all about the temperature so keep an eye on that here in the next couple of hours thirty one degrees at the American standard heating weather center here at ninety three W. why BC Marin Nigel show feel so good in my ear holes three W. why do you see you know you want some of this earlier we had a story about a guy had busted for road rage when a bow and arrow and somebody on the road behind the wheel grabs is bonier one point to the driver local you got busted into this leads us to a new survey that asked people to name the most annoying things they deal with when they're driving it is number one the how appropriate for Indianapolis pothole preaching to the choir here did a survey Indianapolis that I don't know where I live yeah all over the country but potholes seems to be the common denominator number two drivers who don't use their turn signal all man tail gaiter tailgaters in at number three he tailgaters and may I I just wanna slam on my brakes sometime as much as I reeled against road rage is it pisses me off when somebody's elimia man I'm tell getting on my way to a tail gate but the commercial construction that's a big problem here in the city they are specially the summer sixty five of the northwest side dear god what a nightmare see I don't mind construction because I know those dudes are out there working in the heat and it's dangerous conditions and that that just sounds awful but they're doing their best but I start having a problem with that one is just a bunch of orange barrels and there's nobody working if you were down to one lane for no reason and there's nobody at the end of the construction zone right right traffic is backed up for like eight miles on a Saturday and no real reason.

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