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With this. The golden knight did not come from the number 9 position. Instead it came from a left back and Antony Robinson. We got Sam Bourdain down hustling the sideline trying to wrangle as many American players as he can just moments ago. He scored with the match winner. Antony, can you describe what goes through your mind when you see the ball hit the back of the net? First thing that went through my mind to be honest, I told my friend tonight I was going to school and do the celebration I did. So I just felt like, you know, dream come true. Let's talk about that celebration. I think a lot of us thought you'd actually pull through hamstring. What was going on there? A few years ago when I was ever in a kid did the same celebration against those of my best friend. He's been saying to me for weeks, you've got to do it every time I score he's like, why didn't you do it? So I pulled out. What do you think about this window? What is this win dude for you guys in your confidence? It's huge, you know what I mean? Obviously, I don't know how the rest of the groups got on, but for us, we just want to win. We've been taking a game by the game, prepare for this game. It wasn't the prettiest performance, I think, at times we did well, missed a few key chances, but in the end, we got the win, you know, for the determination, we kept the clean sheet and now it's on to the next game it's on Canada. Thanks very much. Great work from Sam great goal from Anthony Robin Robinson in the 52nd minute. I'll put him up as man of the match. You got any problem with that? No. I mean, for lack of someone else, I thought Musa was solid. I thought Tyler Adams wasn't at his best today. Defensively worked the U.S. weren't really pushed. So in a lot of ways, I thought Anthony Robinson continued to press in good positions, supported well, and then got the reward for working that hard to get into that advanced position. Left back used to be a position of weakness a question mark for this team now it's almost a source of strength. You didn't like Johnny bornstein? But he's a hundred years ago. That was my generation relax. Yeah, exactly. You know what it is? It's always been an enigma for the U.S. men's national team. Who could be that left back at one point as Johnny bornstein at one point is to markets Beasley, you know? That's the Barker's Frankie Hayden play out. Lewis have you had a.

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