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Problems that have to be fixed that things that you should expect along the way and worked with and so i think would write those in as kind pasta jenny. The still things that teaches me to be aware of though. I think that's my point. You could have. It goes but like if you're a teacher but you've always been good at math yourself. You may be able to remember a time when you didn't realize multiplication making smaller. I think it's the luck of explicitness of these problems. That often causes less experienced teachers issues. If i may ask. But i think you can foreground that for the teacher as well as for the students by having it. In a cartoon united it's done a calculation that multiplication and the answer is smaller than the number. They started way than they say. I must have gone wrong. And then you know his his his craig. Russell naughton the discussion about that. And i think that if the teacher haven't particularly thought of that themselves the task forces everyone to address it. I agree i'm what about the prerequisites column. Will that will come into play at all. Yeah i think it's really difficult. Because i mean one of the aspects of coherence is the everything should follow on but oversee people. Forget things and so the fact that something has been taught before it doesn't mean that anybody today necessarily knows it or or ceases its relevance and so i think it's a case of building in a less at discussions which draw on previous stuff in an explicit the connections i think I think it's unhelpful. To assume that stuff is there and just assume that's a because something came previously. The it's going to be available now. I think we're constantly got a check in skin. And i think the connections to people who are experts as kessel knowledge thing is never connections just seem often quite so obvious you can immediately think of three or four connections to anything but those are going to be not just hopes that students will will see them. But i think explicitly discussed addressed of that taught us as things just like if you have all as blurbs of knowledge and the connections of the lines joining them up. It's not just the bluffs that need teaching the lines in its teachers while yes flipping big job at this guy as you say. It's it's got to be better than starting with nothing and it blows my mind every year when i hear about teachers spending soma term rewriting schemes of work from scratch so long starting with something like this is got an evidence. Base has been well resourced. Even if you don't think it's perfect you change things. It's a starting point if nothing else is going to say teaches hundreds of hours and hopefully with the team. You've got on board on. That's going to go into this timing. There is a slight worry. What you feel d professionalizing teachers. What if Doing this is a really valuable. Professional development activity are then taken away from features. And i think the monash wants to is the. I'm not taking the because no one has to use this. This is this is being provided if you prefer not to use it as subsidy fine but i think that that value could be the value of the profession dwelt in time could be more in discussing watts tavern improving ads and rather than All that time that he spent searching for stuff and trying to find things and Looking for bits that will fit and finding lots of stuff. That's kind of k. But doesn't quite fit. That doesn't seem to make use of professional Time and have a starting point and talk about how you would use it with clouds'll or why you wouldn't use it. What would use instead to seems a a at the time the is precious the fresh thyme the teaches. Have i agree. I agree well. Colin as i say we could. We could speak for hours and hours. But i'm blaming schedule that you've put me on here. Another colleague of yours is going to appear on my screen in a few minutes. So we'll leave it that well. This hopefully won't be the last time you on the show calling. I always find. It really is so me. Thank you so much thank you. It's been a real pleasure thank you. So they there was my into the wom-.

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