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We love you all so much. Have we told you guys that lately, today's show is going to be a funny one? We are just cracking up in the studio. But guess what? It's also going to get a little serious because we're going to talk about social media social media can connect us to people far away introduced us to ideas of, which we would otherwise be unaware, and even exposes two inspiring stories and videos that give us a little happiness, booster shot was exposed your evil laugh. That's all coming up says, he cakes I jacked, it, it's about to get but I, of course, we have to tell you guys about one of our favorite sponsors on this show. I'm sorry for I jacking that, but I say okay, I'm gonna over Over in. in. You want to say it now, I was just going to say in order for social media to improve our lives. We need to carefully monitor how we spend our time on social media. So we're gonna share some tips. You look so cute while you just said that, then this is the best you go intro, we've ever done. And that's what we call it pre-euro. Anyways, welcome to the good life. You guys. Of course, we're telling you about our favorite sponsor, sun basket sun basket makes our lives easy. And that's why we love some basket y'all. We've been talking about them for a long time again. It's the it's the same thing. It's, it's healthy. It's easy. One thing that says he cakes and I love about Sundance. Get, of course, is that they do have options if you're living a healthier lifestyle but on top of convenience. It's, it's really easy. So one thing we've been trying lately, is to try and do more of the paleo meals. I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes, you know, we go with some of the more carby stuff, when we're feeling like we want to splurge a little bit. But it's really nice to know that on a weekly basis, we can get a healthy meal, and it's delivered.

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