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But during this weekend, drivers will not be able to refuse. No refusal. Weekends do decrease the number of drunk drivers on the roads. With Governor Abbot's new statewide mandatory Mask force and our order and force Texas Motor Speedway has two weeks to figure out how it will affect a NASCAR races over the weekend of July 18 and 19. There will be two races on the 18th but they're not open to the public, but fans will be admitted to the NASCAR Cup. Siri's O'Reilly Autoparts 500 on Sunday, the 19th TMS President Eddie Gossage says his people will seek guidance from governor Abbot's officers how to mandate this mandate will be enforced. Finally, some baseball action inside Globe life field Kor oldies Andrew Greenstein was on hand for the team's first workout with the roof closed. No fans in the stands every crack of the bat and every pop the glove echoes throughout the $1.2 billion ballpark. Rangers took the field for the first time this afternoon. Two inning into squad scrimmage is that Shelby's summer camp gets underway. The Rangers will now spend the next three weeks preparing for a 60 game season that gets underway late this month. But as of right now, the team is operating as if it will allow fans to fill up the half the seats inside and they'll be, of course, will have the final say in that regard. At global I fielded Arlington. Andrew Greenstein News Radio 10 80 Karol. Carol, you traffic.

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