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Stuff but now you know and we've been doing this for but take two decades now where the parents have to come in with paper towels and toilet paper and wipes and a whole host of other things of these teachers simply should not have to provide and certainly by extension the parents not either i have an idea that i think would solve every bit of this why don't we appeal to the south eastern conference and have those in state schools give a portion of their ticket sales to help support public schools in the state it's not like they're gonna miss it no i understand in in it's a it's a it's a sweet sentiment but why don't we just cut out the waste fraud corruption within the school systems no no no because then that's getting rid of politics in alabama well there's that and about wide this lies little article will be done here a little bit whether or not alabama louisiana ghana's more corrupt and that's a coin toss and saw and by the way i don't know where a louisiana stands on the preseason paul's but we'll find out and who back go back a complaint about something else another matter but you know it really does speak volumes about things like common core the people that are run the education system the united states department of educate haitian and the fact that we need to be returning to the states the management of these school systems and get the federal government the heck out of away once and for all so the weaken clean up our budgets locally and not have to worry about the contributions from this administration or any administration we come back on the other side whose morecombe iraq and baby babies that arc well they're creating global warming but will have ryan crabtree up next coming into his live from his past weekend's event at cnn center.

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