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And it's the full mix of it. It's usually when if you look up to somebody and it's true for me, at least I think it is for you that you start to look up to basically everybody talk to. Yes. Yes. Good sign. That's a good sign. God forbid it goes the other way. Yeah. You're in trouble. If all of a sudden you start looking down on people, because whatever crazy metric you're using, that would freak me out. I do feel like that's a quality of getting older. When I was younger, I really, I thought it was so smart. I thought I had all figured out. Oh, really, so you're going, your ego is just going taking the nosedive. I would like to say it's my ego taking those dive. Me and my friend talk about it a bunch. We've just always associated it with doing acid for two decades straight. I'm just assume I'm just like slowly spiraling into senility, you know? Like I'm just like, all the confidence, all the like, oh, the certainty when you're having like in college and having the great, you know, I remember, you feel like you're a representative of Camus or some shit. You know what I mean? You read the myth of Sisyphus and now you like it. No, all existentialism and you're certainty in regards to it is embarrassing. But you don't see it in that way. You just feel certain. And then that certainty, it just starts like it starts crumbling a little bit. And then, yeah. You know, I get to actually intensely experience that certainty in many communities, but one and cryptocurrency. Young folks, with a certainty that this technology will transform the world. Yeah. And I mean, this is almost one of the big communities of the modern era where they believe that this will really solve so many of the problems of the world and they believe in it.

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