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Beatles great little deceptive go you're from Jersey the knickerbockers still cracks me up because in a way it's its own life right in there while there sing a whole song about this girl lying of course they're busy deceiving the public that they're part of the British invasion in nineteen sixty five but it's clever nonetheless Gil you know and all of the little drum fills that some like Ringo in the background that that that that's a great way I think to get back to this topic we will in just a minute our guest is mark McLish he is a twenty six your log and veteran of the federal law enforcement agency known as the U. S. Marshall service and he trained people worked developed this technique of statement analysis he's going to teach us a little bit more on how we can do it ourselves and then how we can use that to be able to determine whether the people who are leading us today anywhere at any local level just have to be the national level but how to better determine when people are telling us the truth in just a second what we tell you the truth all the time when we tell you on coast to coast AM how much fun people have at these get togethers with George and with Tom and there's another big event which is still on schedule for Saturday June thirteenth George nori live at the hobby center for the performing arts is that that's the name of the centers are like a big hobby shop no no it's it's the hobby center for the performing arts in Houston Texas okay we've got three shows announced so like you just said Saturday June thirteenth in Houston they were gonna head over to the Diana Wortham theatre in Asheville North Carolina on Saturday August twenty ninth and then we'll head over to the historic Everett theatre in Everett Washington there right well you know what version like a package deal you get only three to get like a punch card like getting Baskin Robbins or something this year one of the deciding factors that we we win again this year was that people were saying last year they wanted something on big foot so one of the gas is gonna be Dr Jeffrey Meldrum yeah I love him good stuff it's kind may have I may have been the first guy the interview him on coast to coast you know I believe that many years ago many many years ago because at the time if I remember correctly we kind of had to coax him into it a little bit because he was an academic he was in it right he's like professor is a professor at Montana yeah he's great but I think at the time we kind of had to like encouraging to like come on and talk to us like we were going to ruin his trip will not anymore he's all excited now so those are three shows we've announced all the info is right there at the coast to coast am dot com website under the events section and come on out folks I just want to say briefly that the health and welfare of our listeners is the number one most important thing so we're just going day by day and seeing how everything shakes out but right now it's business as usual and the shows are on and they may it may just be that by Saturday June thirteenth the worst of this could be over for now as yet but we could you know be able to finally you know leave our hearts back into the street and and not worry about to infecting other people and and maybe enough testing will have happened by then do you maybe we can actually buy toilet paper yes you know it's funny that this is I don't I'll just take pictures of my wife when she was caught up in that she was in Phoenix and everywhere she could find weapon I live here in Kansas and so she called me on facetime which is like I can't find it anywhere thanks and she said if I've been to three stores they're all empty and so she was in the middle of some supermarket and I was like really okay I said can you hear me OK she's I get why am I so just turn up the district of the speaker little **** because I can hear it all the way turnt speaker all the way and then I yelled over facetime this woman cannot find toilet paper with twenty people looked at it it was great the store in like five days but people are sending me like pictures of empty shelves it's like I've never seen anything like this yep let it sit hopefully that will pass and we'll we'll feel off we'll regain our equilibrium will help them to be able to determine who's telling the truth so we'll get back to that next on coast to coast AM this is Ian Punnett if.

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