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Were leaving local nightclubs when the shooting started Stay with WTO for more on these top stories in the minutes of hand 1147 Gary right Come on baby Here we go Okay Got her I got the break Got him That is Anna rundall county police officers who jumped into the waters last Friday to rescue a car full of people including two young children They were on patrol when they heard a crash near Donaldson avenue and severn police say it appears the driver lost control went off the road into a drainage pond Once officers found the car they leaped into action without hesitation breaking the passenger window to get inside and then they carried a three year old and a 9 month old child to safety There were four people in the car which included two adults No one was injured The driver did not have a license and was arrested for outstanding warrants Coming up in money news For the NASDAQ and is the car vending machine company having mechanical issues I'm Steve dresner 1148 Frida Kessler and the WTO traffic center In Virginia seeing the volume delays on southbound 95 crossing the octagon northbound heavy through woodbridge and from Norton into newington but then good into Springfield on to three 95 headed to and across the 14th street bridge We are seeing delays right now along south van dorn street near south Pickett street so watch for any activity there Eastbound 66 the delay is from nutley toward the beltway where we could have some work set up and the northbound George Washington Parkway the work zone was near the park police headquarters exit with the single lane getting by but now within that delay there may be a crash that just keep an eye out for any response in the area stringfellow wrote at 66 that crash should be cleared Also in Maryland 27 ridge road north of Morningstar driving clarksburg that crash is cleared and the lanes are open pretty major delay along eastbound 50 coming from New York avenue in D.C. two 95 This takes you toward two O two after Columbia park road the debris cleanup along the right side it was reported as mud and bricks Looks like the mobile work crew on the northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway has moved on northbound just sees a delay from four 50 toward four ten but looking a lot better the closer you get to the beltway East Randolph road north of tamarack road had been the scene of a wreck also westbound on the inner county connector After I 95 the two left lanes were blocked with the work in the district on New York avenue at first street northwest you lose the right side each way with the work This traffic report sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank local knowledge local decisions for commercial banking it's better at Burke and Herbert bank at your service since 1852 I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic Now with the forecast chuck bell What you see is what you get here for the next several hours cloudy skies and pockets of rain moving across the area It should break up for a brief period.

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