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Southern California Chevy dealers were current qualified competitive let's see can get a cold for low mileage lease on a twenty nineteen equal knocks L. T. for around one eighty nine per month for thirty nine months with twenty nine seventy nine due at signing don't miss the Labor Day Chevy drive the van southern California Chevy dealer visit so cal Chevy dot com example base a national average vehicle selling price your payments made call eight four four fifty five Chevy per vehicle offer details it's the Labor Day southern California Chevy dealer now twenty nineteen Chevy trucks out west only sixteen thousand two hundred dollars after all offers when you finance with GM financial to your southern California should be dealer based on twenty one two hundred MSRP tax title license dealer fees are so customers may not qualify take new retail delivery by nineteen ninety call eight four four fifty five Chevy or see participating dealer for details hello friends this is Ron for season two of the wrong is out now he's back with season two of the funniest podcast on the planet people just cheers open the free I heart radio back Tapscott caps and listen to the Ron Burgundy podcast I'm nervous make sure you follow so you don't miss a thing I heart radio is number one gasses easy to see why find the Ron Burgundy five gas of the I heart radio app and the other thing is a little advice for me when you get a ticket if you don't show up and you run into a cocked the cop if there is a warrant for your arrest in the system will handle mornings from six to ten KM.

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