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Oh. That's ridiculous and she like tries to get past O._J.. To Open the door to see like to she needs Sudesh need what and he wouldn't let her get through and she's like I thought it was weird at the time but I didn't really think anything of it later. She came to find out that they had gotten into a huge fight that night. He had beat her up that night and this was all happening in. It wasn't like it was just happening in her orbit. It was literally happening in her proximity like right. They were on vacation together and in the room next next to them. Nicole is getting beat and Chris doesn't know or maybe on some level subconsciously new in turn a blind eye to a but it's really powerful when you hear her talk about it in the book. She cites this as a major. You know the huge regret. I don't think she'll ever get rid of that guilt. No Oh I don't think so either but it's it's so interesting hearing her account other people's account on the way O._J.. Nicole were together and the reason I oh Jane of course important to who you know this Chris plotline like the deep dive. Is that like it became Chris is I mean everything about Chris's future was kind of because of O._J.. Nicole Mos and people who knew O._J.. Nicole say that like when they were with other people they were so in love so it's like when you have somebody on what he had like seems like they're so in love and then it's like something off. It's maybe they're just going through. Something and I remember <hes> one of my very good friends. Dad's <hes> dressed Nicole like she. He styled her and he said he was like O._J.. Loved her. He was a guy never outta doubt about that O._J.. Would come in and man look gorgeous. She is have you ever seen somebody so oh beautiful in your life and you would buy or whatever she wanted and he would get these extravagant dresses and and he would show her off and be like look how gorgeous this woman is and from Chris's perspective of who she is new her what her marriage was like. We're she has Robert WHO's also showering her and gifts and shower and love. It's like how could anybody how could anything wrong in that relationship which is just you know obviously a bigger statement about domestic abuse in general that it's member yeah exactly that it's never would it looks like one material at all these things than what it looks like to the outside is so rarely what it really is on the anything. This was a good lesson for everyone. Everyone especially you know for Chris obviously to realize that that was clearly not what was happening. Let's remember like it wasn't two thousand nineteen like when things went on at home it was no one else's business like mine your own business out of their personal life yeah and Chris. She said <hes> Chris says at the the first time she met Nicole. Nicole walked. She's like she was this tall fit tan blonde girl she's like <hes> she described her as the epitome of a perfect Kelly girl. She's like she was at one of those beautiful women I've ever seen in. I knew in that moment we were going to be lifelong. Friends like they had an instant connection and she talks about after they both had their kids and they got their boobs together and like all these things occasionally. They're all four of them. It was like it wasn't like they were just the wives of these husbands that were friends they became best friends which I know we all know Abbott hearing it from her perspective a really showed us how intense that friendship and she talks about our friendship with O._J.. Where Chris O._J.? Was a brother to me she was like O._J.. Was Everywhere do was in my house all the time. I went to O._J.'s all the time. It was like it so crazy looking back on it I mean I'm sure sure that she sure she thinks about it to this day still about like that that time period though she must we're going to get into that I think now now's the transition okay..

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