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Deal with this and ben finds himself fired on the spot in his office. Jason so speaks with his mysterious employer. This man warns jason that doctor octopus charging him for his involvement in the thefts of various computer processes. That are fatal. Those plans so is unconcerned as security at home. The war's high number of mobsters in the building however outside the building to the guards incapacitated by the pro. He then threatened them with a detonation of so he can get them to talk back inside. Ben reilly wonder what is he is going to do now that he's unemployed. That's when sewer trainers face appears on the digital prompt of one of the club's cash registers alkalies that he he can just like foaming himself in any electronic devices aims. You're fired here here pop. The drawer faking a run home. However before you can explain what happened to seward suddenly disappears leaving. Bend the wonder if he hallucinated. The whole thing suddenly spider sense begins going off he then notices ken was being barred at the door by bouncing is concerned about being spotted because he is concerned about them thinking. He's peter parker which is a nice little dynamic again. 'cause it's kate is gonna keep on these toys without sorta stuff. Just wait for two two months kids. He'll he'll be with that problem. Sort of orlando tells jason so that ellison is photographer here so invites them in ben's relieved when they walk by without ken noticing him. This is one of the two guards outside. Enter the room with the closes with the prose explosive charges. Attached to the back of their heads they have been forced to try and eliminate their boss with grenades so is rushed to safety ben lee plunder covered a change in the scarlet spider unseen. However he is witness leaping away by angela yen who recognizes ben rallies. Peter parker undercover work. The meanwhile the pro manages to get a hold of so. That's what doctor. Octopus appears on nearby screen and she reveals that she sent the pro after him. That's when the scarlet spider leaps in and stops the pro from limiting his target by knocking him out a nearby window and string him up by the arm with his free hand. The pro lobster back inside the club. This allows the.

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