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It just seems so unrealistic to me that that they they could possibly win. But I do think there will be some yards to be had Jared Goff for ten thousand over the goat. I had money to play the goat. Josh Reynolds, given to me penalized out the case, a yeah. You play Josh rounds. He couldn't play them. They they've been involving him a little bit more in the running game. You got you. Gotta carry for sixteen yards last game. Seven targets for receptions. He's he never kind of totally took over the Cooper Cup rel. But I this to me is Bella check just kind of going more after your cooks, and maybe robber woods. But woods does seem pretty consistent. I it's just kind of a dollar thing. So yeah, give me Josh Reynolds v. Fifty four hundred bucks. I think it's a solid pirates. Just kind of a dollar thing. It's a money thing. Not the personal. Josh I give me Josh Reynolds. Fifty four hundred who is your last DFS Vic? I play anybody. Besides the two quarterbacks here girly the issues. Michelle don't think it's a Michelle game in the dumps down to Brian Hori at sixty two. So look, I I left some money on the table here. This narrative, I feel like I've maybe been added in into exhaustion, but at the end of the day, look the prop came through last week. We talked on it. This was maybe the gronk Seelan game last week. And if there is ever a. Addition to be made to the ceiling. It's probably this game. This is what I would consider likely gronkowski's last game. At least maybe he goes somewhere else. But that that price I personally feel he retires winner loose in. So is he going to be pancake blocking gap probably through largely of it? But when was I mean, like, I understand this is all relative across get six thousand in this limited slate seems like a lot, but it's really not when you look at the fact that he's two hundred dollars less than Sean manning and Brian Hoyer. So look, I'm baking on it one more time. I mean eleven targets last game. Like, I touched on six or seven nine is probably set at fifty one the market is down on rob gronkowski. You have to take the shot. I feel like at this price. And if it's you know pancake blocking left and right in it's four for twenty pages is Super Bowl in you know, that is what it is. But this is the one b option to Jillian elements one a in really feel like. There's a narrative that maybe patriots come from behind gronkowski at six grand. It is funny how the draft kings algorithm puts the backup quarterback. Six and seven ties price people over people that will certainly be in the game. And my last guys Robert woods. So Sean, tell me how I managed to squeeze this James wife who Ferraris to Ange wait Nedal men on the patriot side girly Robert woods, Jared Goff on the ram side. And then I stuck Cordell Patterson's beat up what a beat up Cadillac. Still can drive. I don't know. I he gets it done. Anyway, robber would seventy eight hundred. Okay. I went pretty chalky for my last and final member of the Sean green Super Bowl to Rico and DFS God. I wish it's an eagles defence. Unfortunately, they're not actions. So instead, I went with system himself Radi. Even in losing efforts. He's still puts up five hundred yards. The guy. I throw that in there. That's my only that's my only dick. He he's Brady's been a number of machine. He's he's being quiet at times. But I think there's some definitely some action to be had against this Rams defense. And again, I think it's just going to be methodical pick part picking them apart. I see I see I see him scoring passing touchdowns on wide receiver screens and running back screens or like quick small stuff to gronk in the red zone. I think they're going to be throwing a bunch. I think I think bell check goes to the well and just says listen as much as I personally hate him and Garoppolo whether it been a better choice. I'm just going to give the volatile Brady and hope for the best. So I think Brady's going to be involved. A lot of DFS action. Gimme Tammy Brady for ten thousand. Six hundred TB twelve look at you TV twelve indeed they haven big zapping, your recovery shown..

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