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I i really started with Some rentals and I started with a couple of clients out of miami. And i think that they felt that i worked with him very well. I served for some very well. And they started recommending me to their friends and it really just grew naturally from mayor and Was great and it. Had you know you feel like it's going to happen slowly and sort of happens and really becomes and takes a life of its own so You know building the trust and The relationships that you've already had an and starting so it really did start with rentals on rentals become sales here. Let's talk about that for a minute. Because you're so many agents to say. I hate rental. You don't make any money at it. They're more work than they're worth. And yet i like you. I built my business off reynolds. Tell us why that works well. It's funny. I remember sitting down when i i was talking about coming to the less element and talking about that being how my business was growing of a couple of people that really trusted near miami and they. They converted to sales pretty quickly and tom said well. If someone spending you know fifteen hundred the night fifty thousand a month on a rental there eventually assails client. And you know it's it's really true and that doesn't just one example of numbers we have quite a range of rental numbers here will two sides. There's there's two sides sterry rental. There's a renter which is potentially a buyer and there's a landlord which is potentially a seller. That's when i did so adding these people into your personal community become future clients. We call it like putting them in a vault for future for future business or future earnings. I think people are nervous about them sometimes because they have the potential to go sideways And that is part of the process of managing. You know just one piece of this business. Yeah i mean..

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