President Trump, South Mississippi, Hollywood discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


In place and Easter Sunday looked a bit different this year the president delivering a message to the American people we won't be sitting there next to each other which we'd like to be and soon will be again but right now we're keeping separation we're getting rid of the play gets a plague on our country like nobody's ever seen but we're winning the battle we're winning the war president trump marked the holiday with a video message on Twitter pope Francis live stream just scaled down version of Easter Sunday mass because of the corona virus pandemic meanwhile strong storms pounded the Deep South Sunday killing at least six people in south Mississippi and damaging up to three hundred homes and other buildings in northern Louisiana America is listening to fox news one century ago this pandemic vanished with nineteen eighteen infected nations around the world killing millions in the decades since taking the lives of many but none have been quite like one of our is now a global pandemic Broadway will be shut down CNBC spending game played three briefly suspending trading today it is impacted Hollywood is this is like now the lives of people you haven't seen each other in ten days learn how to stay safe we still have a long way to go many more cases will take care of that special pandemics feature five and an exam at the dentist fox nation developing tonight governors whose states are hit hard by the corona virus pandemic are not only looking at wind normal may return to specifically is getting the virus as the spread continues more.

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