Supreme Court, Mayor Lenny Curry, Florida discussed on Dave Ramsey


Kate Shaw says Chief Justice John Roberts was the deciding vote on the court to change course basically to take a look at the exact same law that struck down four years ago. But hear differently constituted Supreme Court to uphold that law would just be to send the message that basically the court is no more than politicians in robes, and Robert even had a couple of lying to that effect. Corona virus cases on the rise in 32 states, including Texas, Arizona and Florida. Hospitalizations up in nearly two dozen today, Mayor Lenny Curry of Jacksonville, Florida, issuing a mandate to wear masks endure. Starting today, Governor Rhonda Santa says he supports the mayor and left it to the locals. T make decisions about whether they want to use coercive measures or impose any type of criminal penalties. You know, we're not going to do that statewide Florida Daily infection rates have surged in June cases nearing 9000 again in just the past 24 hours. New York City's reopening plans could be curved Phase three set to open Monday. The governor, though, says pictures showing people in crowded bars from this week could delay those plans. Grounded. Boeing 7 37 MAX Jets getting a run through on safety test certification flights have taken off the certification test flight for Boeing 7 37 Max, now underway with Federal Aviation Administration test pilots on board. That flight took off just before 10 a.m. Pacific time from Boeing Field in Seattle. It is expected to land at Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake Washington After about two hours. All 7 37 max planes have been grounded since last year after two deadly crash. Ashes. ABC is Lionel Boys, you're listening to ABC News. Arizona's new.

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