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Ben Roethlisberger has always beaten the Browns at Heinz Field. Their football team is a north football. You know, you can say what you want about past records and times played that that's previous years. A new football team, the Browns have won four in a row and the Steelers air for no for the first time in over 40 years. Archies Pouncey, David Castro Deante Johnson All Miss practice yesterday, But today will be more of an indicator. Stefan was new ski returned to practice. So he is on the way back pits at Miami Saturday afternoon. Sounds like quarterback Kenny Pick. It will play, Pat Narduzzi says. You can't keep him down to words. The ultimate competitive really mean the guy's a competitors. You can't hold him back or tell him he can't play and he's going to go out there and go. You know, you know he's going to he's going to will. That offense try to get the end zone, which they did more often at Boston College and still came up short. That's a noon kickoff Saturday on the fan. Alabama coach Nick Saban has tested positive for covert 19, the Florida L S U game postponed after 21, Florida players came back with positive tests. The basketball tournament will return to Pittsburgh. With new cane hosting the 1st and 2nd rounds in 2024 in the MLB playoffs, Houston stayed alive with a 4 to 1 over the Rays. Jose Altuve and George Springer both homered off Tyler Glass. Now the Dodgers scored 11 runs in the first inning and beat the Braves 15 to 3. Atlanta still leads the NLCS two games to one. From the Pittsburgh Senior benefits Advisor Sports Desk. I'm Jim Colony. NewsRadio, 10 20, Katy K. Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio morning show it Larry, Richard and Kevin Battle. My name is Charles Husker. I was a police officer for 37 years and lay tribe's chief of police. I voted for Donald Trump. I'm also voting for a local guy, Joe Petrarca. Show is a man of integrity who keeps his word and fights for.

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