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Away please drink responsibly them could one day change the way corn is grown and monitored a team of scientists and engineers at university of Nebraska Lincoln have built an automated system capable of detecting an individual corn leaf and grasping it with robotic precision to screen its temperature chlorophyll and water content in less than a minute the plants phenotyping robot system is the latest example of precision agriculture you an al has trained inspiring plant scientists in labs and research fields to phenotype various corn hybrids in the search for breeds with higher heat and drought tolerance that produce a better yields the Ernest Hemingway look alike contest in Key West has named a retired sixty eight year old Tennessee banker as the winner it took eight tries for Joe maxi to earn the title he finally got it Saturday night at sloppy Joe's bar hang out of Hemming way's during his Key West residents in the nineteen thirties the contest is a highlight of the annual Hemingway day's festival that honors the authors literary legacy and adventurous lifestyle a judging panel of former winners chose maxi from one hundred forty two white bearded contenders who competed in two preliminary rounds maxi said he loves Hemming way's writing and shares the authors fondness for mo he does and women women may be more likely than men to develop Alzheimer's disease an AP correspondent Shelley Abner reports new research may help explain why scientists at the Alzheimer's association international conference in Los Angeles offered evidence that the disease may spread differently in the brains of women than in men other researchers showed that several newly identified genes seem related to the disease risk by sex some previous studies suggest that women at any age you're more likely than men to develop Alzheimer's at the same time women with the disease he said it's early stages may go on diagnose because they tend to do better on verbal test than men and that would mass the damage of the disease I'm surely employer.

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