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Feinstein. Judge caviar. It's my understanding that you have denied the allegations by Dr Ford, miss Ramirez, and miss sweat, Nick. Is that correct? Yes. All three of these women have asked the FBI to investigate their claims. I listened carefully to what you said. Your concern is evident and clear, and if you're very confident of your position, and you appear to be why aren't you also asking the FBI to investigate these claims Senator I'll do whatever the committee wants I wanted a hearing the day after the allegation came up. I wanted to be here that day instead ten days past were all this nonsense is coming out. Down in gangs on boats in Rhode Island, Colorado. Cited all over the place. And these things are printed in Ron breathlessly by cable news. I wanted to hearing the next day. My family's been destroyed by this Senator destroyed and. Once you know, whatever the committee decides. I'm all in Geneva immediately. I'm all in immediately and the terrible and hard part of this is when we get an allegation, we're not in a position to prove it or disprove it. Therefore, we have to depend on some outside thority for it. And it would just seem to me. Then when these allegations came forward that you would want the FBI to investigate those claims and clear it up once and for all. Senator the committee investigates south for meat is to say how to do it. But just so, you know, the FBI doesn't reach a conclusion they would give you a couple three zero two's that just tell you what we said. So I'm here. I wanted to be here. I wanted to be here. The next day. It's an it's an outrage that I was not allowed to come. And immediately defend my name and say, I didn't do this and give you all this evidence. I'm not even I'm not even in DC on the weekends in the summer of one thousand nine hundred eighty two. This have not a weekday would I'm not at a player high school for summer league game on not Tobin's house working out. Another movie was Suzanne. I wanted to be here right away. Well, the difficult thing is that it. The these. These hearings are set and. Set by the majority. But I'm talking about getting the evidence and having the evidence looked out and I don't understand. You know, we hear from the witnesses. But the FBI is an interviewing them at isn't giving us any facts. So all we have you're interviewing me, you're interviewing me, you're you're doing it Senator. I'm sorry to interrupt, but you're doing it. That's the there's no conclusions reached in what you're saying. If if I understand it is that the allegations by Dr Ford, this Ramirez and misfit dick, sweat, Nick. Are you that that is emphatically what I'm saying emphatically? The sweat. Nick thing is a joke. That is a farce. Would you like to say more about it? Now..

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