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Like how so how long you're like thirty minutes. Forty minutes You walk out of it. You feel like You know base income spacey but you come back to earth pretty quick. it's not You know. I wouldn't recommend driving car home but come home and There's no there's no magical like a ha moment like everything's better. Yeah because this is working on a neurological level. So with that kind of treatment you have to go multiple times there's sessions and there's an ethic and there's integration which is really really important part of it which is discussing with either team or the doctor whoever what came up with you through that journey how that how that applies to your life and what about that you can change with love. That's what we look for. You know on. So how many times have you done a man. I don't even know like a lot. Oh yeah okay so do you feel like the you that when you started versus you now you see a big change. It's hard to say. Because when i started i was in crisis you know i had a big crisis happening in my life so it was very hard to weigh any benefits of anything. I was doing because once i came back just back in crisis again so there was like you open up. I just told them you're opening up new era pathways for the same information to get to me faster but it worked eight so i tabled that for a while. And then i got into just some straight up therapies straight up relationship therapy straight up you know psychiatry and working with with that because there's just fucking no shame in encina psychiatrist and and having a little support if you need it. If you have a headache you can take an aspirin so if you have clinical depression yeah like you need some fucking hell right. You're right. I mean and there's a lot of You know and i do work with psychedelics. Right you know as as a tool not as a solution as a tool. Hello everyone and thank you for tuning into another episode of worse. I guess what makes me really happy poppies. Because what else makes me really happy sarabi. That's right therapy is very helpful as you guys know. I'm very vocal about my mental health on here and pretty much just in life in general. I don't think there's a need to be ashamed or you know. I don't really see the stigma behind it. I think that you need to talk about how you feel and express your feelings and communication is great and talking about expressing.

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