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Now reports from overseas say the Tokyo Olympics may be canceled. Sarah Gazelles of Parker and Sun Sports Desk, starting with breaking news from across the pond, according to a report from a London based publication called The Times. The Japanese government has privately concluded that they will have to cancel the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, which had already been pushed back a year due to the coronavirus, the report says. Japanese officials are now turning their attention to hosting the next available summer games in Tokyo. In 2032 is you and you have a men's basketball face off in Tempe. Tonight. That will be a seven o'clock start from Desert financial arena and you can catch that game over on 98 7 FM Arizona Sports station and huge news that came down last night. Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott is on his way out. His contract with the conference went into 2022, but his tenure will end. On June 30th this year just shy of 12 years on the job. A statement from the Pac 12 Conference says they will immediately start their search for his replacement that sports I'm Sarah Gazelle. You can find more on today's top stories on Arizona sports dot com. And now repeating our top story for today. Let me be very clear things. They're going to continue to get worse before they get better. President Biden putting into play his National Cove in 19 strategy to ramp up vaccinations and testing, reopen schools and businesses and increase the use of masks. It also includes requirement that Americans mascot for travel and in protections for frontline workers, many of whom are people of color. I'm calling for the enforcement. More stringent workers safety standards so that you are better protected from this virus while you have to continue to work to protect the rest of us. Biden has vowed to take a more aggressive measures than his predecessor to contain the virus. But he faces some steep obstacles, including uncertainty over whether congressional Republicans will help pass his $1.9 trillion coronavirus package. Finally, tonight, airline travel's still drastically low. It can actually be a little nicer to fly right now because there are fewer passengers on board but lie. The airlines have stopped in flight alcohol sales in order to minimize the amount of time flight attendants have to interact with the passengers. And that means there's ah lot of leftover booze. And American Airlines has a plan is called American Airlines. Flagship sellers..

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