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Allowing completely off the cop and when I got there yeah I mean it was. It had such a distinct difference from Kenya and Tanzania already could really put my finger on it was so it's more you're sort of African Community when you get into Malawi. Was You know this when you get to Kenya? And you get to Nairobi. And it's still caught a big Cedar Mesa Linda soon as you get out of that. So like quintessential what you would associate Africa. Debate was when you get some allow. It's just like this sort of every day. Almost like working class is the the people they're just fantastic for me outside like you struggled not to say a smile on. Somebody's face to spot in other situations that I am themselves with nothing and through that experience obviously did some education volunteering as a teacher which was an enormous challenge. Twenty had classes of like sixty kids. Obviously English I had and it was it was it was a real Shicheng because the school's always volunteering out in rural Malawian tackle monkey vibe which I'll still go back to every They schools Was Struggling to the point where I didn't have qualified teachers. And you have a primary school in allowing four years of high school so you get a lot of kids that they schools be classes and most of them are being taught by civil servants. Muslim qualified teachers. So they'd say this like you know what person coming into town is all you know. You must be like a really well equipped experienced tie. He takeover the Class Diwan while we not so. I just WANNA check out incorrect.

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