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Everything with judge Amy Berman Jackson before rendering a sentence gave a blistering speech from the bench. She cited the lack remorse talked about manafort's repeated crimes over many years, and the fact that he had tampered with witnesses in the case, she sent us into an additional forty three months on top of the sentence that had been imposed in Virginia and is not over yet here in the city. Did you hear what happened DA Cyrus Vance Manhattan DA not taking any chances that President Trump might try to pardon his friend on the federal charges unsealed an indictment today almost on cue charging Manafort with more than a dozen charges growing out of an investigation. We started in twenty seventeen including mortgage fraud, if convicted on any of these new sixteen charges, he can't be pardoned by President Trump said. Vance. Hey, no one's beyond the law here in New York. Clair's is recalling three makeup products. After US regulators warned they might have as best does the FDA says product samples tested positive, but that Clair's initially refused to recall anything that might have already been sold retailer at the time disputed the test results, but said it would at least remove the product from its doors. Now, the company recalling all products so between two thousand sixteen and now says is down aware of anybody being sick. And my the makeup Clair's rep wasn't immediately available for comment was this. I'm eight twenty six Bloomberg money watch on ten ten wins. And here is Jeff Bellinger. The key stock indexes posted gains of six tenths to seven tenths percent. The Dow Jones industrials rose one hundred forty eight points to twenty five thousand seven hundred two the NASDAQ closed fifty two points higher the S and P five hundred subtle at a four-month high on a gain of nineteen points. Boeing shares avoided a meltdown closing up about half a percent. Even after President Trump announced the grounding of seven thirty-seven, max jets. Shares of VERA Bradley, rose twenty two percent. The retailer same store sales were down in the latest quarter. But not by as much as feared and bureau Bradley has been weaning customers off discounts for its purses and backpacks. The Labor Department didn't detect much inflation at the wholesale level last month, the producer price index ticked up a tenth of a percent in February spending on construction project surged at the start of the year, the Commerce Department reports spending increased one point three percent in January Bloomberg money watch at twenty six and fifty six past every hour. I'm Jeff Bellinger, fourteen ten win. Now. This message Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center. More science, less fear. Visit them at m s k c c dot org wins news time eight twenty seven..

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