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The area, you know, there's driverless taxis now on the road real time right now, you can use your app and get one. Now, if you wanted to four hundred people in the in the early driver program, but that's tonight's beyond the norm. Driverless cars and not just the thing in the future. They're now they're here. And there in Phoenix. That's a big American city one eight eight eight three two one six. Thousand and one now my general question, I I'm a big fan of John Boehner. And and John Boehner always asked great questions and are asking the question where the job, and as I've been a big fan of John Boehner. My question is who's going to jail. He just asked my kinds of questions as my guy question is who's going to jails especially now, he's come around on cannabis used to be you know, how about glass of merlot that was John Boehner me. Now, he's cannabis guy. This is this is a riot. However our. John boehner. When after President Obama when President Obama was president, and John Boehner was speaker of the house John Boehner went after President Obama for spending even though he was the speaker of the house, and they control the spending. But you see how it works now right with Benedict, Donald and the shutdown right because Benedict Donald's I mean, he he just admitted government shutdown because Democrats will not fund border security. Don't give me what I want. I want the won't allow the government operate, right? So that's autocratic kind of stuff. That's unamerican stuff the government shutdown because Democrats will not fund border security because they won't give me what I want. You. Don't get a government. Sorry. All right. Well, John Boehner went after President Obama for their reckless debt. Oh, he's out of control spending. All my God. Look at all. His moneys banning, right? I mean, you remember this right? America's broke. We're bro. We're broke America's broke. All right. So now the government is shut down and we're far broker now. I mean, John Boehner and that was trillions of dollars ago. John Boehner when he's gone, all we're broke America's broke now, the government shutdown, and my understanding I would playing the clips, right? I mean, I don't I don't have him mesia, I'm playing these clips the FBI agents association says we're not getting paid right? We've got the USDA union chief or union at least lob sorry. I gotta get a right. Florence cannon USDA union reputa- Congo right mean, we've got real people right getting hurt. Right. FBI ages, FBI employees, right, USDA, employees all across eight hundred thousand people getting real people. They're getting hurt. If John Boehner were a democrat, wouldn't he be saying how then can a guy sitting in the White House spend new money hiring seventeen new lawyers on the government's payroll? The Trump White House has just hired seventeen. New lawyers to help them handle the fallout of the Mueller investigation, and any potential fallout from Democrats taking over the investigative committees in congress, and that is not like me rounding up to the nearest seventeen to come up with a ridiculously large sounding number. We what the Washington Post is reporting tonight is that they have literally just hired seventeen new lawyers. Now does Rachel matter. We do thank MSNBC for that word senior legal analyst. I'm now, the new White House counsel is a guy named sip Aloni, Pat bologna, and the guy I trust you. Remember that earlier guy's name was Don Mcgann, right? We always named Don Mcgann. Hey, we Don mcgann's out. In the new guys, Pat sip baloney, and he's a real lawyer means very skilled, and very well regarded he's a real lawyer. I don't know what prompted him to take this job. But my snark aside, I mean Benedict Donald God himself, a real lawyer and Pat sip baloney. Being a real lawyer looked at what's going on. Oh, we're in deep trouble here. Boy here super DJ. Absolutely. So Patsy boy said we got to staff up man, we need we need we need. Lots of is. There's a Warren's Yvonne song send lawyers guns and money beefed up. White House legal team is gearing up to prevent president. Trump's confidential discussions with top advisers from being disclosed to House Democratic investigators and revealed in the special counsels long awaited report setting the stage for a potential clash between the branches of government, quote, the strategy to strongly assert the president's executive privilege on both fronts is being developed under newly arrived White House counsel, Pat, sip baloney, who has hired seventeen lawyers in recent weeks to help in the effort in preparation for these looming legal battles Salani has been beefing up. The White House counsel's office since his arrival in December baloney has. Increased the staff to roughly thirty five lawyers and aims to further bolster the ranks up to forty in coming weeks. Reach a matter. We do thank MSNBC and the reach amount of show for those clips, and if Obama was doing this. I always love doing the change. One fact in the fact, I'm always changing is just put the shoe on the other foot. I make it a democratic president fag may get Obama who they really really hated. And and and see the difference. That's how you see the difference when you change one really important fact one eight eight eight three two one six thousand in one so understand that Benedict. Donald hire these lawyers not himself personally out of his pocket heaven forbid, he should spend a nickel eased cheapskate, and it's obvious. It's been obvious a long time. But on our dime. Now, this new staff lawyers in the White House counsel's office, and how were they getting paid? I'd really like to know this because my recollection from John Boehner is broke America's, bro. Not only we broke America's bro- broke, America's broke what we also have. No government the government shutdown if we're not paying the FBI agents. Wait a second. Now, notice notice how American people would perceive this, right? They say, okay, you're not paying the the people that inspect the food, right? Food inspections of route gone right because that's the USDA. No, more food inspections. Well, eat at your own risk wish you the best of luck. Right. So the American people could look at this as okay food inspections are gone, right? The TSA is going down the drain. All these the FBI is is basically getting starved. But you gotta pay the lawyers. You're gonna pay the bleep in. Lawyers. These you're gonna pay the bleep and lawyers. These bleep and lawyers seventeen of them to defend Benedict, Donald's criminality on our taxpayer dime. This is why people don't like politicians. So I people hate politics. One eight eight eight three two one six thousand one. Hey, Michael in the Bronx. Hey, what's up normal? Good, buddy. In follow up on my conversation with you the evening regarding Benedict, Donald his government shutdown and despite points billion dollars for a wall. I know. But earlier today, the press was pressing him on world this single Mexico paying for the wall. You know, he said he says metro Mexico is pay for the wall indirectly, and in this new trade deals. Which has not been ratified by congress and probably won't be. But go ahead. All right. So that's another lie. He's telling. Oh, you're going to love how I would. Herself. Yeltsin said the wall would pay for these taking every position on the issue. Michael. It's a riot. The thing is this whole thing gives Democrats further and further justification say no to five point seven billion dollars for some stinking war. We'll give them one point six million or one point three billion. But none of it for one point three billion. But none for for wall for the last two years. The Republicans had the whole government. Why didn't they give them his five point six or five point seven billion for the wall? Then why didn't they do me? Trust me on this believe me, believe me. Bear with me. The thing is all right. So you're saying now that Mexico's pay for indirectly. Well, Mr. Trump, if Mexico is paying for this war indirectly, the what the hell do you me five point seven billion dollars of our tax paying money for Mexico is supposedly paid for indirectly? What the hell is going on here? The point seven billion dollars, really. My speculation on this. Remember, remember the last time Trump went overseas? So I think Russell near Russia and he met with Mr.. Vladimir Putin and the two of them went behind closed doors for a couple of hours, nor knows what was being discussed. Here's the connection. Mr trump. Do you Putin some money are you trying to get it our tax paying dollars to pay some kind of debt I remember some fellow. No and other so other progressive talk role. So one common thing that they were saying Putin's got something on Trump. But we all know what it is something is going on here. I don't think five point seven billion dollars is for a war. But another smokescreen on mitt, Michael Donald did you see that? He just said that he never said that Mexico would pay for the wall. I'm not kidding around. Did you see? He denies. He now denies ever saying that Mexico. Pay for the wall. It's too. I know. But before I go, I ask everyone to our with the question, and everyone to think about this, can you really blame Democrats after all this was this was to an initial agreement under with poverty in Senate Republican congress. I mean house of representatives to keep the government funding before they went on break for Christmas. But missed a forty five did the one eighty. How can you blame Democrats but saying no to five point seven billion dollars? He picked. Stormy Michael, he turned down twenty five billion for an actual wall. Two years ago. We're no pardon me about eighteen months ago. He actually turned down the Democrats offered him twenty five billion for an actual wall in exchange for Dacca relief in very significant immigration relief. And he said, no. And so the, you know, look, the doesn't wanna make a deal is all this stuff about great dealmakers all lies every words ally. Michael, thank you very much. Gotta keep it moving. We are right back here. Where Justice is served the Norman Goldman show..

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