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Next year's 2024 NCA tournament, the selection show is, I think, 363 days from now, so I look forward to seeing everybody back here in 363 days as we see where we're going to play in the tournament. I'd like to start with some thank yous that are very important to me. I want to thank everybody for the trust and this job. I want to specifically thank Chancellor Boyce Keith Carter and Alan green. It's a special process spent extensive time with these three men, I appreciate their trust and research and me and my life and my career. And I spent some time researching this situation myself. I know what my agent was mentioning, some of the places around college basketball that we might have a chance to. When I heard old miss, it kind of the buck stopped there. It's exactly where I wanted to be. And I look forward in the next few minutes, explain to you why. But the Chancellor is a leader. He has a vision for this place. I really enjoyed spending time with him and I can't wait to work for him and with him. He told me Christian know above all what we do all miss is we build leaders. And I haven't been able to get that out of my mind because I think in our program that's what we try to do a lot with our players and staff is build leaders. And so I had an immediate bond with a Chancellor. Of course, working for Keith is going to be something special. You know, there's not a lot of athletic directors out there that played college athletics at the level that Keith did and certainly at the institution where we're both blessed to work out. He's an all conference player and one of the best leagues in the world. The SEC. So it's just special being a basketball coach, having an athletic director that's played the game at such a high level and found great success in administration. And I feel the same way about Alan very familiar with what he's done in college athletics where he is today and where he's going soon in the future. But these three men really tied it into me and I can't thank them enough. I also want to be really clear of my respect and thanks for the previous coach here, coach Kermit Davis. Kermit did a great job.

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