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And twitter edge of underscored jay I have shows. I am probably so. I'm gonna weird space right now for comedy I when when everything started opening back up and before you know when they were like you vaccinate. You don't need a mask. I was like yes. And i went harden the paint for comedy and the people i wear superhighways kami kami and then people started getting sick again and i was like oh no what them helping spread that so now in this weird place where like i have shows. I'm trying to be more selective about the shells i'm doing. I'm not currently traveling though. I am making plans to travel next year I might be coming to a show near you. I might might don't still get too excited. I might i am. I am trying to go to the east side. I definitely wanna go right. Now i i. I'm definitely coming to the east coast Well i've seen it definitely. I'm trying to come to the east coast is let me better way to put it so i'm working on that now. That's probably going to be twenty two. It depends really on like how things are looking. I'm hoping things opened up songs. I gotta tell you comedy sucks when everyone's afraid of being spent on it's it is i don't know if you've ever seen what a might cover looks like but i had not either until now. It is super weird. It's weird is weird. We have my covers like people where i tried to do. A show in a mass. I couldn't i'd say it all. This is okay so yup you come. They give you a little a little pack. Looks like a condom. And so you get on stage you pop out the little might cover you. Cover the mike and you do your thing and you pop your cover often your diet and you have the mike back. And then they pop on the cover and like Yeah it's it's wild. It's a it's a lot. Oh i'm saying all of this to say this. I do have shows currently the seattle When i have shows that are anywhere. I put them on. Jay jones comedy dot com. That's j. as in the letter jones's in my last name and comedy has.

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