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Anchors. We'll be back in the next few hours on Capitol Hill trying to strike a deal that will end the partial government shutdown. President Trump warning that the shutdown that started at midnight could last for a long time. If the Senate does not approve the spending Bill that gives him more than five billion dollars for his proposed border wall ABC's. Kenneth Moton has more from Washington. The president summoned Senate Republicans to the White House. Trump is now urging Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to use the nuclear option passing the funding Bill with a simple majority. Instead of sixty votes McConnell has repeatedly resisted changing Senate rules and Democrats are not backing down democratic leaders say they're willing to allocate one point six billion for border security, but won't improve money to build a border wall. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer in today's democratic weekly address it and Trump has thrown. Temper tantrum, and now has this careening towards the Trump shutdown over Christmas partial shutdown affecting roughly twenty five percent of government agencies, including the Justice department homeland security, and the IRS TSA and other essential employees will work without a paycheck for now. Supreme court Justice Ruth, Bader Ginsburg is recovering this morning from surgery to remove cancerous tumors. The eighty-five year old is expected to be in a New York hospital for the next few days. ABC? Stephanie Ramos is outside the supreme court Ginsburg's. Lung cancer is just the latest in a string of health scares. She's recovered from the two novels were discovered on her left. Lung by coincidence when she had tests performed after she fractured three ribs. During the fall in her office in November at eighty five years old Ginsburg is the senior member of the liberal wing serving for more than a quarter of a century often, countering some conservatives on the bench US markets closed with losses Friday after suffering Wall Street's worst weekend years to make matters worse. This month is on track to become the worst December for stocks since nineteen thirty one. You're listening to ABC news. KOA NewsRadio time is eight oh two. Investigators believe that Kelsey bear the woodland park woman missing since.

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