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But I guess it was their breakthrough in terms of like mainstream success and actually charting high up on the on billboard and whatnot. Jan What are your memories here in? Ninety snails yeah. Like I think that they are like part of like that period in time where I was like into the more kind of aggressive like even industrial music And because like you know like back, then I used to like draw the time and I would like you know listen to music while I was drawing and so a Lotta Times like I'll like tape some on like MTV or something and leg posit. Like sketch it, and so I remember like drawing Algebra Johnson lay ministry. But eh I I wasn't nineish nails but like eight were this album is really tough to like revisit I. Don't know that it really holds up too much entire. Like and maybe it's just like me growing into like a different kind of like what I want to listen to you or something but I just it was like too much for me and like. I it was like the words like I don't know I just like couldn't. Gel with a lot of the tracks it took me forever. I get through. I don't know if it was rough for you guys to but like I was for me. I. On the other end spectrum I was a huge. Fan like to the point where it was somewhat ridiculous like I grew up listening to I. Mean I think as I got older a lot more industrial a lot more guy That was a good sweet spot for me with a lot of bands and in pretty hate machine came out and was like what it literally exploded worlds for me also, surprisingly, in Kansas, city Trent played in Kansas. City a lot and a lot of golf clubs there. It's weird 'cause he's a mid West or two but Kansas City he would play a lot of so he was there quite a bit like before pretty hate machine came out and then when it came out, it was like this is like it was a weird feeling like he's our guy like people loved him I saw him when.

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