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At four O three And the good Tuesday morning may 10th 2022 welcome in studying pleasant today the high might reach 70 We're at 52 in our nation's capital right now We do a D thank you for taking us along for your Tuesday morning ride I'm dean lying gladly with you this year early morning Helping the news is we headed to this day together contractors are keeping a close eye this morning on two construction barges that apparently broke free of their moraines over the weekend of the Potomac river above harpers ferry The barges are not expected according to officials to be pulled to the shore anytime soon One of the barges is snagged on the remnants of historic dam three near harpers ferry and the other is stuck below damn four in the sharpsburg area We have contractors on site and they will remain there 24/7 monitoring the barges making sure that they're not moving unexpectedly That's Christiana Hansen spokesperson for the CNO canal national historic park who says it could be weeks before water levels drop enough to safely retrieve the barges The complicating factor is river conditions The water is quite high It's going pretty fast And so we need to wait for the water to go a little bit lower Particularly on WTO P news WTO P at four O four on your Tuesday morning as many as a thousand local Virginia high school students walked out of class this week on Monday a week after the leak of that draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court could overturn roe V wade That's according to the state director of a group called generation ratified Virginia which described itself as a youth movement organizing young virginians in the fight for reproductive justice Now Abby Garber has said that students from over 40 different high schools actually participated in the organized walkout including schools in fairfax Arlington and Prince William counties Mondays walkouts and the recent report of the draft Supreme Court opinion come amid push right now to restrict abortion in several Republican led states Protest outside the homes of U.S. Supreme Court Justices meantime raising concerns this week about their security privacy and the issue of free speech two members of Congress proposing round the clock security for the justices while local police work to allow demonstrators the right to protest lawfully Montgomery county code and Maryland state law both have prohibitions against picketing a particular private resident Montgomery county police lieutenant Peter davidoff says while there are limits on protesting in public spaces including noise ordinances That doesn't mean you can't protest in a residential neighborhood but you can not pick a particular resonance David off explains protesters can be on the sidewalk but they can't block it so they have to keep moving versus standing or sitting in place in a way that would prevent people from passing by Kate Ryan WTO P news You know nobody wants to be embarrassed and shamed especially when you're young and middle and high school The Montgomery county board of education to that end says this week it is expected to finalize a new policy regarding students who are in debt for their school lunches the board tabled the issue you'll remember last year after a lot of blowback to their original plan that plan had called for alternative meals a sandwich fruit and milk instead of a hot lunch for students who are not on a free and reduced lunch program and who have more than $35 in cafeteria debt At the time critics said the alternative meal would create bullying and inequity among students Bethesda beat reports the new policy allows the superintendent to set a threshold for negative cafeteria balances which if hit would mean a student's could no longer charge a la carte Items on the menu It's four O 7 IW TOP last year D.C. saw more than 200 homicides for the first time actually in 17 years many of the killings involved guns As they searched for solutions this week city leaders now have a new list of recommendations of the table aimed at curbing gun violence in the nation's capital Some of the recommendations are already in initiatives launched by the city including getting to and helping people at high risk of being involved in gun violence but the National Institute of criminal justice reform also says expanding D.C. polices violence reduction unit to solve more crimes can help So can a guaranteed income initiative for families and wards 7 and 8 living below the poverty line Also recommended using lobbyists to push Congress to fill judicial vacancies The authors also claimed the city needs to do more to address a lack of political commitment coordination and coherent strategy to reduce gun violence in D.C. read more WTO dot com Mike Morello WTO news The morning welcome into WTO You're with team lane.

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