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Welcome back to one life radio everyone is. With although Davis in our special guests, continuing on Burp, she is the author of meeting. Love and fear is not an option Monica is a self, professed change junkie, sharing wisdom and real life awareness to help others adjust to their own lifestyle changes, and to even get excited about them. Her website is really think life dot today. That's rethink life dot today. Monica great having you on the show with us today, and so. Your books here is not an option is incredible and in your book? You talk about three types of fear, healthy, real and illogical. Can you give us an example of each? Sure so healthy is just like it sounds it's set setup for our survival and protection. It keeps US safe and it's a theory. Actually we should respect so for instance if you're hiking and you're too close to the edge of a cliff and high up, and that feeling in your stomach that makes you jump back, right? It's there to protect you, or if your hand too close to an open flame when you pull it back, it's also that feeling of intuition I. Don't know if you've ever had this, but maybe you're going into an elevator and somebody's already there and you start to feel uncomfortable like you shouldn't go in right. It's just to feel. That you have right, so all of that is healthy fear. One of my favorite examples of this is the story of Carol Durant. Are you familiar with her? Moore and I can't. I make here. So It's interesting. 'cause I wrote the book and then a year later, her story starting to get a lot of attention again. I'll explain why so anyway. She was approached by police officer She was in a parking structure at the mall and he came to her. He said your car's been broken into, and we've apprehended the suspect. He has some of your items. Can you come with the station to identify them? So she got that feeling that we just spoke about in the pit of her stomach, and she was reluctant, but she asked for. For his badge and he showed her his bad does. She agreed to go along with them? She gets in his car the driving on the freeway and she realizes that they're driving the opposite direction from the station, so she starts to get nervous. She tells him you're going the wrong way. He has one hand on the wheel with his other hand. He's trying to handcuff her and then with her free hand. She's opening the door already because she had. She had her hand already ready to go, so she jumped out of the moving car. He's on my car a site. A fight ensues on the side of the road and she's able to escape a few days later. She looks in the newspaper and she sees it on that same day a few hours later, somebody was Kidnapped and was murdered by serial killer Ted Bundy and looks at a stage, and she realizes that was the police officer. When the Ted Bundy files came out. Everybody was talking about her again because she was the one that got away. So this fear is a healthy one, and we should respect it. And I know really powerful right? The next one is real fear, and that's based in reality. It's fear of death of pain of change, even and even with this fear, though it can be used as a motivator for change and for connection meaning. If somebody is afraid that they of dying or getting sick, they can make healthier lifestyle choices right? Maybe not smoking, not drinking lot exercising eating well. There's proactive things that we can do to control this kind of the're also I hear a lot of people talking about fear of their parents dying, and they ruminate about that thought over and over again. So much so that even when they spend time together, they're not really enjoying it because they're just thinking about this negative thoughts, so what I say to those people use this time to really make sure you tell them how much you love them. Make for the time that you're together is positive, and you're enjoying it right so with this kind of theory can be a great reminder for us to make good choices that will appreciate later in life now. The last one is illogical, and this is the one that we spend most of our. Our time busy with believe it or not. It's fear of spiders, snakes, elevators, public, speaking failure and it's what keeps US worried, frantic and insecure consistently right? It's the thing that's Donald Living Dreams. This is the fear that I talk about most is the one that we can completely eradicate. We do not need to speed. The spirit unites to give it any energy whatsoever, and when you choose something else right, and that's why name the book years on an option, because the fear is no longer an option. You need to find another option. Wow I love what you're saying. I had I actually had a conversation with my niece last night about because I'm afraid of snakes, too, and so she wanted slivered by her on her property. COPPERHEAD and I was like. Yeah, but you can't let those fears like each you up I know it's difficult. You know anyway, so it was kind of saying some of the things that you were saying. Saying but I of course I'm not as eloquent or is knowledgeable and about about this particular topic. Is You and I love it? We're talking about this. This conversation needs to happen for so many things that we deal with in our life and we've only got about. I'M GONNA say forty five seconds last before I hear the music. So how do we begin to identified our own fierce on? So what I exercise I give people write down three of your major fears. The ones that bother you that keep you up at night right, but keep you paralyzed and then go next to each fear and write down if you think it's real healthy illogical, most of the people don't get it right the first time, but really try to be honest with yourself, and then you'll have an easier way of coping it when fear comes up. Thought right if not your carry it along with you and gain more and more thoughts. That's the first thing and the second is when rises. Ask Your Gum what you would do if you weren't afraid and then do that now. I loved really truly enjoyed having you on the show today. I hope you'll come back everyone. You've gotTA. This book I'm not kidding you sending one of my needs to do this. I get off the ship. As ing anytime than happy to come back being he'll ask I love it. Beer is not an option. You guys Monica or check it out. I'm not what might now on Amazon. Thank you again so much Monica everyone out there. You're welcome and thank you so much for listening everyone. Remember you get once you get one mind at you. Get Wildlife. Get Out! There is not an option..

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