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Data charges may apply monday night. Football with this is what jon gruden is saying barrett car. No huddle you have. They're going tight. Shorts flash. I'll let you know. Hey do slight scat right. Double camps recall twenty twenty easy cancan helmet. Gutten knocking hockey. A helmet doesn't fit. Your peyton asked to get some wings. I know how you get when you get hungry. There's a great many. Tell him to vote. I called him out. Maybe patrick the heck is going on here. This is fun from back at this week. For lions tigers. Eight eastern on espn two. Don't miss those guys. Let's pick a few games here as we head into week to some great matchups including look at us. Oh we're making picks in fact we look like a whole lot of fun. I wish we actually were that much fun hanging out together anyway. Bengals bears meena. Who you got. Apparently i got my arms up. Laura this guy that graphic this was hard for me to take is not the previous match up. But i really liked what i saw from the bengals offense in week one and i did not love what i saw from the barest secondary week one granted against a very challenging rams aerial attack. But i think. Joe borough weapons. Keep it up this week. And wynonna post one. Gimme gimme programs. They're playing at indy markets. Who wins we're mta. At least you had your hands up and damn watching football team jersey. All but the experience of president gave with problems last week. And we all know who's coming into town air down to wing company and jalen ramsey on the back end these are not usually lead the mets. That carson wentz succeeds in the case. This rams thirty one twenty-one over the coals intriguing match-up in philly the forty niners come to town. Rc who do you like in that one. You know what. I wanted to go forty nine. Just but i'm going with the philadelphia. Eagles going twenty four twenty now the run gay philadelphia a little problem early on the game. Daryl patterson mike davis was able to get some yard for the atlanta falcons and we know it. San francisco wants to do. But i've been even nick serianni. I cannot believe. I'm saying the what i learned him. This jalen hurts back in a steven nelson and various leona corners. They can play world on. I can sam now. You got hurt. So i'm really excited for this game. The three that we just talked about. I think this is the closest one. I'm really excited to see if the eagles offense is for real you know if obviously we know they have very good offensive line. I think there'll be more challenge this week than they were against the atlanta defensive. Line absolutely cisco is i don't know there cursed or what would these injuries now. Drake rima's not playing jason brett's out for the season manual banged up. I'll be honest with you. I am not sure who is hit playing. Cornerback for the san francisco. Forty niners in this game. We know jalen Last week was able to kill them with the shore passing game. Obviously on the move and the run game very good as well but in this particular matchup given what. San francisco's dealing with at cornerback. It's there for the pekin for him to be the air. So i'll be curious to see if he's able to seize upon that opportunity with devante smith who also really really really good in week one. Well know if if the eagles go in and win this game have the komo news damn show and say the best team in the nfc and happen to. i'm looking for. I'm looking forward to this one. Because i want to see. If there's all read option still has the type of effectiveness that it had against the atlanta falcons. Listen we all know. That atlanta falcons and not world-beaters amina just mentioned some guys that are out for the san francisco forty nine especially drake greenlaw. But freya warner is still in the middle of that defense. And i want to see if nick on the enjoyment hurts can be as effective with that runs zone. Re run pass option. And if it's not fair jalen hurts do it with five with three five and seven step drops. That is what. I'm looking forward to seeing. Because if jalen hurts is stopped from missouri and he operates at a high level from this pocket. Aided border door baby. It's all coming out of feeling after that. You know you know what. I want to see what i'll be interested in seeing and i know meaning and marcus could speak to this as well going back over the game. If you watch jalen hurts. He likes to escape to his right later. On in the third. Quarter atlanta falcons. Bring pressure to his right. He actually escaped outside the same way the only time he escapes to his left he also he runs the football. He does not become a passer escape into his left. So i want to see if the forty niners which additionally don't bring a lot of pressure but now have a new defensive coordinator in d'amico ryan's understands he doesn't have the corners on the outside to match up with injuries and that they could put pressure on the hurts and force him to be a runner instead of a guy who could get out of the pocket and make second place. There's going to be. Oh nixon to make sure he's in the best position to succeed now. After a week one win not as many questions around jalen hurts being the future of this eagles franchise but in case you were wondering how about this from eagles head coach nick serianni where the jalen hurts through press avail building today shades on that deal name started all offseason. Nobody will not shirt. I mean whatever oecd. Did tom whatever where your face on his t shirt or anything like that absolutely not but he refused to let me play in denver so he could save my life. So i'll take that over. The t shirt i love it. I'm speaking of wearing people's faces on their tee shirts. we all have teachers that have swags face on them. So i guess that shows how him back in his draftkings daily fantasy lineup field who major roster this week. Well first of all laura. I was wearing my swag shirt earlier today. I had a great show that was on in the morning. Let's get to my draftkings lineup. Start here by mentioning allen. Robinson are getting a bit of a discount on him but just sixty two hundred bucks because of flight performance last week. Well there's a big difference between last week jalen ramsey and this week be bengals. Group of cornerback should ob lucy and still no trae wings in cincinnati. So this should be a very busy week for an robbins. Do by the way is the only player in the nfl with back to back seasons of one hundred fifty or more targets. Moving along the rest of this let you see a bunch of the major but various up. Someplace like the under hopkins. You gotta find some value. Like somebody in cedrick wilson except the number three receiver role after michael gallup went to injured reserve for the cowboys because the calf injury. Now wilson may not be nearly as busy as cd lamb and amari cooper louise price it. Thirty one hundred dollars and this offense as we know is going to have to throw because their defense is now out of their best player in demarcus lawrence and they weren't good on defense flyer to that now. You're probably saying to yourself okay. We spent big wide receiver pretty reasonably at running back. How about a quarterback teddy bridgewater. And i loved the match for teddy bridgewater going up against the jacksonville jaguars who last week. We got pierced by. Tyrod taylor who has inferior pass catchers to what teddy bridgewater has even with out jerry. Judy for the next four to six weeks. He's price just fifty four hundred dollars. They go to jacksonville. He was sharp last week. I expect teddy bridgewater to have a great week in week. Two and to keep that job because we know coming into this season despite back to his name to start her a lot of us could mean wonder. How long would you remain the starter in denver. At some point. They'll be to lock but for now he's in my lineup and the great chance here to make some money every single tara heineke money this week. Laura draft for week two. I love one hundred and twenty five thousand.

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